Posted by: angelnorman | June 23, 2008

Sundresses and floppy hats

After a little laundry-doing, shower-taking, and wall-cleaning (no, no more mascara art– while sipping coffee this morning at about 5 am, I happened to actually notice that the walls in the time out corner were more beige than white, and I’ve not yet painted the living room, so I couldn’t resist the urge to clean it. Obviously, it did not stop there.), I settled down at around 10 am and decided I wanted nothing more than to curl up in my bed and rest.

I have had a couple of quilts draped over my bedroom window for a while now to block out the sunlight, and it really did a great job of that. I ripped it down this morning though to wash the quilts, and I don’t think they’re going back up. I had forgotten what the room looked like with all that natural sunlight pouring though. I actually really like it. I think it’s one of those reasons my bedroom appealed to me in the first place, ’cause to be honest, the room is tiny in comparison to some master bedrooms in the houses I’ve been to. Anyways, it was a lovely and welcome change to the room to let the window be undressed.

Instead of turning away from the window and cursing the glaring light, I decided I’d open the blinds for even more sunlight, and let it warm the room. I dozed right off with no problems, only to wake at noon and think, “Gee, I need to wake up my kid…” Yes, he was still sleeping, and if you read my last blog, you know why.

Natural sunlight through my windows is one of those life’s little pleasures for me, along with the scent of fresh cucumbers or the sound of summer rain hitting my wooden deck. And big trees growing up out of the ground. And flowers. I love all flowers.

I really love summer. It makes me want to wear sun dresses and big floppy hats with strappy little sandals. It makes me want to garden, to grow herbs and vegetables that I harvest and turn into salads and salsas. It makes me crave strawberries– ripe, juicy, perfectly sweet strawberries. It makes me want to swim in a pool, to sit and read under a shade tree, to grow rosebushes that trail along a picket fence. It beckons me to come outside and explore, to ignore the fact that I sweat buckets just going out to check the mail or walk the dogs. It makes me want to celebrate color, to buy bouquet after bouquet of wild flowers and put them in antique milk bottle vases, to possibly grow them in galvanized pails on my porch.

After my panic attack this weekend (eh, don’t ask), I’ve decided that I need to withdraw a bit and do what I need to do to de-stress. I need more time to myself to fill with more acknowledgement and exercise of life’s little pleasures– not once a week but every single day. I need to not only notice them more often but enjoy them as well, seek them out, make it a point to live in the moment and be happy with what surrounds me.


I am *this close* to getting Nick into the highly sought-after MDO program that I hoped to get him in. YAY!

Also, I fixed the security latches on my cabinets this morning and when Nick woke up, I asked him to try and open them. So he pulled and failed to open the cabinets, but then the little stinker pushed the latch down and the cabinet popped right open. He turned to me and said in a proud-of-himself sort of way, “I did it.”

Yes, we see that. Nick: 2,398 / Mommy: 0



  1. woot on the MDO!!!!! and everything else too.

    its easy to forget to take care of ourselves. what with everyone else being so GD demanding and all. geez!!!!!!! Yet when we are happy and relaxed then everything else seems to fall into place….

    life. you so funny.

  2. Panic Attacks…suck. Sorry your weekend was crappy in that area….glad your house is getting some sunlight though!

  3. I love natural light! Hope everything goes better this week! PS YOU ARE TAGGED! get the deets from my blog.

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