Posted by: angelnorman | June 26, 2008

Mother’s Day Out

So I did it. I finally signed Nicholas up for a MDO program. He will be attending one of our area’s best MDO programs every Tuesday and Thursday from August till May. He will work on his ABCs, colors, shapes, and numbers. In addition to the basics, he will do arts and crafts, have music time, and learn all about science. He will also have God time, too.

He seems really excited about it. Since it’s where we occasionally attend church, he recognized the building right away when we went to register him for school. He said, “Is this church or sompin’?” And I reminded him that school for him was in the church, and that he would be going there a lot more often. He was really well-behaved although super shy and quiet when we met with the director of the program. She was kind to us though, and very kind especially to Nicholas, whom she let play with her Buzz Lightyear action figure while I filled out the paperwork and talked to her about my concerns.

Anyhow, he’s very excited about the whole thing. He keeps talking about his pirate lunchbox and backpack, which I promised I’d get for him if he stayed in his bed and didn’t try to get up and be crazy in the middle of the night anymore, ha. Pirate paraphernaila is our newest line of bribery, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. He really wants the lunchbox and backpack with his name on it. “And a sword,” he usually reminds me. I also promised him a new pirate sword.

He’s so cute when you ask him what he is going to learn in school. Today he answered my question with, “ABCs and my name and maybe they will have this toy” (holding up a toy in his left hand) “Or this one!” (holding up another toy in his right hand).

Suddenly he seems so old. I know that kids often go to MDO starting in their infant years, but not in this house. I’ve never had him in any sort of daycare and other than him going to a friend’s house for a few hours, we’ve never even been apart. But there’s something about knowing that my 3-year old is going to start going to school. I look at him and think that the number three no longer fits him. He’s a big boy in so many ways, despite the fact that we put his baby gate back on his door the other night, ha.

All I can think is that now the summer seems very short. One month and a couple of weeks is all we have until school begins and routine and structure take over our typical go-with-the-flow lifestyle.

But then, I’m not so sure that’s such a bad thing.



  1. Which church is he going to? I keep going back and forth between wanting to put Julianna in a MDO program and not wanting to spend the money on it. I know it would be awesome for her to go, I just wish she could go to preschool somewhere free. Yes I am cheap. lol

  2. Nicholas is going to be at First Baptist Church in Smyrna, the big one that’s about $25 more expensive than all the others. Ha. The money thing is a huge concern, but for us, it’s just a budgetting wisely decision. We’re going to have to be very careful to make sure that the monthly tuition dosn’t destroy our wallet, lol. We chose it though because we’ve been there for church services, and we know the environment well and trust the people more. There’s a lot of programs now though that run about $100 a month– and hey! The Y does it on M and W for about $115 a month I think. Lavergne Church of Christ is only $80 I believe and my friend Emily sent her boys there and they loved it. So you could think about that too, if you were looking for a cheaper alternative that is still a great school for Juliana. 🙂

  3. Sorry– Julianna– I want to spell it correctly! 🙂 Also, I’m cheap too! I don’t blame you one bit for that, hehe.

  4. Dentist: We see Dr. Ben Jamison. Michael has seen him his entire dental patient career. Everyone in the office is fantastic. When I was having TMJ after my mom died, they were so kind to me that it makes me almost cry to think about it. So, they come highly recommended!

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