Posted by: angelnorman | June 29, 2008

Family pics.

Every week I want to post a different family picture that says something about what we did that week.

 we made brownies.

Obviously we had brownies. It’s not my best pic, but it’s accurate.

Here’s a couple of others for the road.

Nick and I before Wall-E.

Mike and Nick before we went to see Wall-E


Nick: *singing the clean-up song* Do I crack you up, Mommy?
Me: Yes, you do crack me up sometimes.
Nick: *very adamantly* No! I don’t! I not crack you.

Nick: *counting out his toys* One, two, three, four, five– you go to time out!

Obviously my “I’m counting to five and so help me if I get there, you’re going straight to time out” has interfered with his learning to count properly. At least he did 1-5 in order.



  1. nicks browine face totally takes the uh….cake.

  2. Very cute!

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