Posted by: angelnorman | June 29, 2008

Move it, move it.

We Normans love movies– we met in a movie theater, did you know that? I was working concessions when my friend J came up to me to inform me that his friend, Mike, the one we’d been hanging out with, had a “thing” for me. There I was, incredibly unsexy in my vest and bowtie (curse you, Carmike!) sweeping up popcorn bits from the always greasy floor, when all the sudden, there he was. And there we were, a couple. *insert loving sigh here* Movies will always be our thing, outside of geekiness and videogaming and millions of inside jokes. It will somehow always define us to me.

You: Stay on track, woman!


Mike and I do not always have the same taste in movies, as you can imagine. I like slow-paced dramas, he likes fast-paced action. I like romance, he likes violence. But we both agree that as long as a movie has a good story, evokes emotion, is easy to relate to, etc then it is golden. It is what we call “good”. My point, and yes I do have one, is that we have never seen anything made by Pixar that we didn’t immediately classify as “good”. We have never disagreed about this. They make some hella good movies.

Yesterday we decided to hop on over to the theater as a family to see Wall-E, which, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year, is Pixar’s latest movie that opened on Friday. It was a sort of full circle moment- two movie lovers meet and in a theater and fall in love only to marry and produce offspring that they later take to the movies on family outings. We’ve come a long way, baby. I looked once over at Michael and saw the smile on his face (and the million bits of popcorn on his shirt, which I alerted him to) then I sat up more and looked to see Nick’s smiling face on the other side of my husband– and it was a moment that I wished I could capture on film, really. Me and my family doing something that sort of brought us all together in the first place.

Wall-E was amazing. Totally golden, no question about it. First: bold statements made by Pixar about many an issue, though I fear I will say too much if I continue with this. Second: Incredible story. Forget the animation, although it’s beyond amazing on its own. If you don’t have a good storyline to go with it, you’ve missed the point. And Pixar hits the nail on the head each and every time in my humble opinion. They never ever miss the point, and Wall-E is no exception. Third: cute, lovable characters. I think Eve is the greatest thing ever. Wall-E is cute but even Nick said Eve was his favorite. She rules.

So go and see it. If you have not seen a preview about it yet, click here. And after you get done celebrating Wall-E’s release, let go of your Pixar loyalty a bit and celebrate Dreamworks’ upcoming release of Madagascar 2 (or as Nick says, “the funny animal one”). The first Madagascar was THE sugar honey iced tea, if you catch my drift, and I cannot wait to see the second.



  1. My only question is could there be any chance that this film will evoke fear in my child because I know nothing about it other than what I just read here? Until one week ago, I’d not even heard of it and I saw a book at the store. But if it is that good, I’d like to sell my kidney and take H.

  2. dude..i worked at carmike for a million years….i still have my vest somewhere….i swear we are cosmic sistas

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