Posted by: angelnorman | June 30, 2008

Different happy things on a different day.

Mike’s first day at home was a smashing success, thanks for asking. He woke up bright and early, much earlier than he needed to, and at about 7 am, he received his first assignments. So it was good that he rolled out of bed when he did. From 9 am on, Nick and I were at the zoo with two awesome chicks from Cincinatti and their offspring, so we managed to be out of his hair the majority of his day. He joked that when we’re not here, it’s amazingly quiet so we should go somewhere every day. Hmph.

But he worked until 5– which is technically a 9 hour workday, but he is salary now so perhaps that is normal? I dunno.


Look at this!

My Publix is nearing completion!

This was once a field. It will soon be my favorite grocery store: Publix. Gorgeous. No more driving to Sam Ridley when I can actually afford to buy my weekly groceries at Publix, pfft.


My favorite new site:

You must read it.



  1. That site is sooooo good. Ha!

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