Posted by: angelnorman | July 1, 2008


Ever had one of those “I wanna knock someone out” sort of days? The feeling that perhaps you’d feel so much better if only you could just lay into someone about all the many ways you think they suck, and that all your problems might just disappear if you were to actually punch them in their teeth?

No? Hm, maybe it’s just me.

Actually I’m not sure if it was the kid at Discovery Center who shoved my child at the train table and said, “MOVE!” as if quietly and politely going around Nick were too much for him to bear– or if it is just Mike being here, constantly sighing whenever Nick speaks to him or repeatedly touching me in some way. You know, were it an occasional thing, perhaps I’d be okay. But he has kissed me like 18 times in the last hour. I’m not accustomed to kisses throughout the day, and quite frankly I don’t like them, especially from someone who has yet to brush his teeth at 1:25 in the afternoon. There should be some laws regarding people who work at home and their hygienic upkeep if you ask me.

I think he constantly picked on his coworkers cause he’s doing really dumb “I’m picking on you” stuff, like standing in the door way and kicking the carpet at me. I don’t really know what that was about, but when I slowly turned around and saw him there, kicking at me like some wild animal about to charge, I gave my “I don’t fully comprehend you, and what I do comprehend disgusts me” look. He laughed and then when I turned back to my PC, he started sneaking up behind me and acting ridiculous, until I complained.

He threatened to pick on me every single day. Lucky me.

Yes, I’m having an off day in case you’re not quick enough to get the point.

Here are some more things that piss me off:
– Nick has not had a single potty accident in several weeks and then at naptime today (because this is NOT the week to give up naptime), he purposely waited until he laid down to go poop in THE LAST PULL-UP I HAVE.
– Mike farts all the time. All day long even. Seriously, I’m so sick of hearing what sounds like someone blowing up a balloon and not tying it off and then letting it go. I hate farting, I dislike how men think it’s cool to just let it go wherever, regardless of whether or not you’re right beside them, and I hate it more when people are entertained enough by their farts that they laugh at them. Farts are not funny, people, unless they come from little kids and you can’t help but giggle at the child’s surprise/glee at his own bodily functions. I mean, I fart too, you know. I just don’t think it’s hilarious.

And I always say excuse me. Except in Wal-Mart. I don’t own up to them there.



  1. LOL Has he gone past the fart limit..maybe he needs to get that checked out, and then that will get him out of the house again!!!

  2. Dang, you’re fast. I didn’t even add the pics yet!

  3. Tell him that you will set him up for a colonoscopy next time he farts. lol

  4. hahahahaha lol you two are so funny! I can’t quit laughing mainly about the Wal-mart thing hahahaha

  5. Michael has a really nice profile..I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it until those pics. I like yours too, even if you think it looks like a Meerkat. LOL

  6. Poor you! that’s all I can say! I can only imagine! My husband too thinks farting is funny, I don’t get it! I’ve tried to explaining that picking on me & farting is not fun stuff! I can’t imagine having to deal with it every day all day, GOOD LUCK ON THAT! Maybe you & Nick will have to get out daily for your sanity! LOL!

  7. You’re funny you are… 🙂 I understand the ‘fart thing’ at heart. LOL. In fact I only fart in the toilet (though my husband has been trying to educate me that one can fart anywhere one wants)

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