Posted by: angelnorman | July 2, 2008

I need a time-out.

Is drowning my sorrows with a bottle of vodka at 2:30 in the afternoon a no-no? I’m just curious.

Here is the biggest lesson I’ve learned this week: Never complain about your day. It’ll only get worse. I’m down for the count for the rest of the day I fear. It’s part Murphy’s Law and part I’m-PMSing-and-everything-sucks.

Another lesson I’ve learned? I am the most disorganized person. I think there was a cosmic reason behind me not having access to a car every single day and that I’ve upset the balance by actually seizing the opportunity to be a part of all the action around me. I think God knew I was just too unorganized to go out of the house everyday wagging three bags, two changes of clothes, snacks, a cell phone, a wallet, and a human child.

I thought I’d be smart today and consolidate down to one bag. Since we were in our swimsuits, I packed a change of clothes for each of us; two beach towels; 1 baby bottle transport bag with 2 canned drinks inside; my wallet; and my cell phone; the bottle of sunscreen; and the swimming floaties in my big polka dot beach bag. That’s right. All in one.

I don’t know how many times I emptied that bag (while driving no less) to find my cell phone. At least 3 times. The final time, I was cursing to myself about it and everything, throwing panties and shirts all over the car. I had no luck in the bag, even when emptied, so I started rummaging in the emptied contents that had landed in my floorboard to see if it was attached to a shirt or something. Not a single sign of a phone until I looked down in the seat and saw that the whole time, it had been sitting RIGHT THERE in the seat. It taunted me with its chipped paint and silent glare.

I lost it. Steam must’ve come out of my ears because Nicholas knew something was wrong with me and decided he’d just look the other way while I threw what had to be the biggest temper tantrum any adult has ever thrown. I had the urge to cry and roll around on the ground even. Had I not been outside of Mona’s, I might would have. Instead I turned to Nicholas and said, “As soon as we get home and eat, it’s nap time. Mommy needs a serious time-out.”

The week that you PMS is not a week to give up naps, by the way. So Nick is still napping this week, and to all you moms who have advised me to get rid of naptime to fix our little night time issue, I say bite your tongues. Judge me not for my weakness– he must nap. It is vital to his survival at this point, if you catch my drift.

As for me, I’m going into time-out as soon as I publish this blog. The rule is I must stay in there for 1 minute for every year of my age. See you in 28-almost-29 minutes.


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