Posted by: angelnorman | July 3, 2008

Things I love Thursday

Because I’ve had enough negative posts this week.

1. God of course. And my husband and child on a lesser but still at the top level. Nothing else will be in order by the way.
2. The color green
3. Fancy cups and saucers with feminine prints
4. My camera
5. Summertime and all this chlorinated water we’ve been in
6. Diet Coke
7. The feeling I get 2 minutes after working out
8. Watching my kid’s confused looks when we were talking about Barack Obama (Obama to Nick is still just another name for Optimus Prime).
9. Having coffee with my husband every single morning
10. Being woken up sweetly by my husband’s soothing voice every single morning instead of a blaring alarm clock and the loneliness of my bed.
11. Mike fixing breakfast for Nick and letting me ease into my morning routine. It’s very Jon and Kate of us.
12. The way my husband always notices when I do things with my hair, makeup, style of dress, etc and always tells me exactly how he feels.
13. The smells (and sights– like steam rising from the pavement, etc) after it rains
14. Dogs. I love, love, love my dogs no matter how much they tear up this house. They’re awesome snugglers.
15. My family. Lord help me.
16. Having a car that has outlasted any other car I’ve ever heard of.
17. On that same note: Not having a car note.
18. Tickle fights with my child. And with my husband. Giggity.
19. Friends who love me. My three best girl friends especially.
20. Being able to move about town, with absolutely no curfew.
21. Matt Costa’s “Sunshine”
22. The name Jonah for my next little boy.
23. Holidays and making plans for those particular days.
24. The colors red, white, and blue. Cause they’re freakin’ awesome. Yay America.
25. Kate Nash’s “Foundations”
26. Not having to wait for my husband to get home in the evenings!
27. Having family nearby, just a phone call and a short drive away.
28. Being the voice of reason for somebody else for a change.
29. Honey buns.
30. Coffee of course. Sweetened and creamy. Iced is even better.
31. My best friend Michelle got herself a Facebook. I love it.
32. My best friend Ashlee and I are making plans to have a girls’ day soon.
33. My best friend Emily actually offered me to stay in her house while she was gone in case I needed to get Nick out of ours. And she forgave me for not calling her to tell her I wouldn’t need her to watch Nick for my hair appt. (Sorry again! How embarrassing!)
34. My BFF Emily is about to celebrate her wedding anniversary this weekend, speaking of. I love her and Aaron as a couple and I wish them many more happy years
35. Fireworks AND desserts. Yay to my friend Shea for being awesome enough to think of THAT sort of party!
36. Quilts. Seriously!
37. The color pink.
38. Being in love.

Most of all, I love my life again. I love how easy it truly is, how great I have it, and how fortunate I am to have what I have.



  1. very awesome blog!

  2. I love your blog! Reading all the things you love makes me think of how easy I have it being a SAHM and NEVER having to worry about being late for work and dreading going!! By the way I forgot to tell you how cute your hair cut is (sorry I can be very scatter brained). Talk to ya soon!

  3. yah…i am gonna do the it…very inspiring

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