Posted by: angelnorman | July 7, 2008

Little faker.

I’ve spent most of the morning catching up on housework. Housework that hasn’t been done in months like vacuuming and sweeping and you know, stuff that people are supposed to do at least weekly.

Much to his chagrin, I decided I would assign Nick some very specific chores to do this morning. I have been very slack in this lately, namely because I’m in this weird lazy mom mode that has me throwing caution to the wind and not trying to teach my kid about responsibility, preferring to just do what needs to be done in the fastest way possible. Not a good plan, I know. One that will surely come back to bite me in the butt, I understand. But I can’t help being on autopilot more frequently these days.

Truthfully, I’ve not been fretting about housework and other trivial stuff at all recently– though I’ve been frustrated a few times here lately with the state of disarray that is my child’s bedroom. Still, I haven’t really cared what my house looks like enough to do anything about it since the beginning of June, and I’m pretty sure that was only because I was having a friend come and stay at my house for a weekend. Had she not come, I imagine my house would have stayed filthy from May to July. And I wouldn’t have even cared.

But I’ve been in and out of other people’s clean homes and it’s made me want to rejoin the ranks of women who care about what their homes look like. That and I’m menstruating and there’s just something about the urge to clean during that time of the month.

Anyways, Nicholas’s chores were simple ones. Clean up your cars. Put them back in the car bucket and then put the bucket back in the closet where it belongs. Put the toys in front of the toybox back into the toy box and shut the lid. Put all your “guys” (action figures) into your green box (a treasure chest-shaped box for all his favorite toys). Sweep the kitchen floor (he has his own broom and mop set that he uses for this purpose.)

After sweeping, picking up his cars and putting the bucket away, and several attempts at cleaning up his toys that belong in the toybox, he comes out of his room looking a little squeamish and holding his belly.  I thought for sure he was about to blow chunks right then and there. So I stooped down beside him and pulled him into me.

Me: What’s wrong?
Nick: (small groaning sound with his head bowed and eyes squinted) I am so tired of cleaning my room.

And that is what I have to look forward to for the rest of his childhood.

I think what it is though is that my laziness is rubbing off on him. How many times in the last month has he watched me blow off my responsibilities simply because I didn’t feel good enough to do ’em? HA.


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