Posted by: angelnorman | July 8, 2008

Set it and forget it.

I have this weird thing going on in my life right now where nothing fits into an appropriate category, where I find myself downright struggling to identify with either side of any given issue, and where I purposely set out with focus and determination only to find that I cannot stay focused on much of anything for too long. On top of this, I feel spread thin, scattered out with bits of myself all over the place almost. I really don’t think blogging this will do it justice but I had to get it out, if nothing more than to just put it somewhere else other than at the forefront of my mind. No matter how temporary.

I feel down in the dumps, and for no apparent reason whatsoever. That is, as down in the dumps as I can be whilst managing to tackle everything on my to-do list and retaining my sparkling sense of humor. In so many ways though, I feel bitter and whiny. Needy almost. Naturally I want to reject this new behavior and mood of mine because it is so beneath me and I know it. I know it, but I cannot fully stop it from taking me over.

So I am just going to accept that I am unhappy deep down for reasons I cannot yet explain. That is my big plan: acceptance. I mean, surely the reason will surface soon enough and I will readily deal with it when it does, so why bother picking at it before it’s come to a head?

But you know me. I’ll keep scratching at this itch (all the while touting that I’ve got a grasp on things, that nothing has overwhelmed me yet) because I can’t leave well enough alone.



  1. I’m sorry you are down in the dumps. I’m here if you need me. Just a phone call away… as always. xxoo

  2. Thank you, Mandy, for your sweet concern.

  3. No problem. And if you don’t have anything artsy to write about these days… you could write about that! lol

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