Posted by: angelnorman | July 9, 2008

For those with one-two stomachs

Sorry, only the momtourage and a select few others will understand what I mean by “one-two stomachs”, but let’s just say that it’s the same as when you’re carrying around a food baby. You know what a food baby is, I hope. And when you have a food baby under your shirt, you’re more than likely shopping through rack after rack of either tunics or empire-waisted shirts, none of which will make you ever look thin. So basically it means you’re plus-sized.

Here’s you a song.

I came across this the other day reading one of the many weight-loss memoirs/blogs I read on a regular basis these days. It made me laugh at first, but then I was like, “Is he being a jerk?” I admit to some feelings of anger and then some of shame. However, by the end of it, I decided Mika was serious– and that maybe it is a song written for our empowerment!  A day or so later, I had really forgotten all about it. Then out of nowhere, while trying to get inspired to create anything at all today, I start singing, “Diet coke and a pizza please…” And I figured I’d share it with any of my plus sized sisters out there who needs a boost today.

Big girl, you ARE beautiful. Skinny girls are the suck. (Not really. I have nothing but love for women of all sizes. We’re all in this thing together, after all.)



  1. ode to the “front butt”

  2. yay front butts!

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