Posted by: angelnorman | July 9, 2008

Set it and forget it, but don’t really forget it. Just figure it out.

So I got it! I now have the answers to what is plaguing my troubled mind. And you may be pleased to know that I’ve almost got it completely worked out. Sometimes I can be so silly, and all it takes is a “We’ve got issues” night with the hubs to sort out some of those things that I try to overlook but cannot. Boo for feelings of inadequacy but yay for husbands who can communicate effectively.

So in conjunction with working out some of those issues, I’m also planning a trip to Gulf Shores, AL next month. Mike and I have never been but tonight after some deliberation about whether or not we wanted to go to Chattanooga yet again for a weekend or spend a little bit more (seriously, like only $100 more for more time) on accomodations and actually hit up the beach, we decided that we wanted to take a family vacation to the beach as soon as his hopefully-next-to-last-if-not-the-actual-last semester of school begins. It’s fitting, you know, to go off to the beach as they go off to school this fall. Aw. Nick is going to school. I keep remembering that and it makes my heart smile.

I think I may be going back to work, at least part-time soon. I am so bored these days with having nothing that is just for my own personal life-enrichment since giving up Bible study, so it’s either I take a class or two at MTSU or I work. I have not yet decided which will please me the most, though I’ve been toying with the idea of taking some photography courses or something just for fun. And violin lessons. And knitting classes. And volunteering with some organizations that mean something to me. And… and….

I have about a zillion things I want to do lately. I blame this solely on The Bucket List, which I watched with Mike on Thursday evening.

Curse you, Rob Reiner, with your direction of many a heartwarming story that makes me want to readjust every. little. thing. in my life so that it has more meaning and purpose! You had me with Story of Us, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for you, was it? You just had to hit me where it hurts.


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