Posted by: angelnorman | July 10, 2008

a gentle reminder

i am a creator. this is my passion. i thought i was lacking in that department, but i was wrong. see, i recently found that if you just look around or if you just take some time to acknowledge yourself, your habits, or the things to which you are drawn, you can spot what it is that motivates you. where your passion really lies. i challenged myself to find my passion and there she is. she was there all along, sitting on the sidelines just hoping i’d notice her.

if i knew i couldn’t fail, i would sing or dance or do some sort of musical performance in front of a million people. i’ve never really been much of a singer or performer. i don’t have the nerves to be center of attention. but i remember fondly the thrill of writing a christmas play and performing it in front of my church. i remember fondly singing in front of my church, which was to say my family and a few friends. it was a small church. but i sing all the time even still, till nicholas tells me to hush. sadly i do not think i’m so good at it. but i love music and i love rhythm. i love movement. i love the thrill of performance.

i love words. i love writing with all of my soul. i’ve been writing since i was 5. stories, mind you. not just like my name. i’ve been imagining worlds and dreaming up stories since i was just a little older than nick. and never when i was a child did i doubt that i would stop doing that at some point.

i love creating through knitting. there is something so magical about making a scarf or a shawl and wearing it proudly afterwards. i love the way the yarn feels in my hands, and i love imagining the finished result. i love finding patterns and then trying to re-work them with my own ideas. i love the warmth that my creations bring me.

i love to cook, to create with food. i love to think of flavors melding together as i combine tarragon and basil into mayonnaise and spread it over sliced tomatoes on toast. i love fresh herbs and fresh cheeses, i love experimenting with recipes and building meals from scratch. i love the way people enjoy what i cook, or at least pretend to (even when it burns slightly). i love seeing their faces when they bite into my iced mocha brownies or hearing them rave about my homemade honey mustard. i love the feeling of power i have when i make bread, how i can take the most basic of materials and make something so wonderful.

so i’m blogging this in case i forget again: i am a creator. my soul was made to do this work.



  1. very awesome! you are def. a writer and creator! you go girl

  2. thanks! you go too! 🙂

    did you create a blog and forget to tell me?!

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