Posted by: angelnorman | July 11, 2008

You’ll regret this, Mr. Norman.

Michael told me this week that he didn’t think our house was pretty. Well, not in those words, but more or less with the same meaning. I was of course incredibly insulted because I’ve done the best I could with what was handed to me. I didn’t realize that he had any standards at all, any idea what he wanted. This is a man who wears holey underwear and refuses to buy new simply because there’s nothing too wrong with the old ones. Holes that expose entire butt cheeks are acceptable, apparently. But me doing the best with what I have been given? Not good enough. I’m not bitter.

His idea of design when we first married was to decorate everything in white and black and to have modern, cold, boxy furniture. It wasn’t long before I had squashed that dream. I’m more contemporary casual. I like throw pillows and warmth and cuddling up in a big oversized chair… and I need color! Incidentally, I don’t count black and white as colors but rather the absence of color. Anyhow.

He’s never let me have a “furniture budget” or even a “home improvement budget” at all, so I can’t really do much of what he apparently thinks we need. He wants real furniture, minimal throw pillows, one solid color, no prints. He wants “pulled together”. And I thought I had done a pretty decent job of pulling together what I have. Hmph. I mean, it’s not like we have infinite space to fill. There’s only so much I can do and buy and change around. YEAH!

One thing we do agree on though is that the living room needs a change. Honestly, that room is the bane of my existence. I have disliked it from the moment we moved in, honestly. You see, it’s all of 180 square feet of space and every single wall has a door or window on it. There is no empty wall to push furniture up against, on which to hang a tv where every seat in the room can see it, etc. It’s really frustrating to work in because space must remain for accessing the master bedroom so my furniture cannot float in the middle of the room, either.

So Mike and I have been talking about improvements we’re wanting to make to this particular room since both of us hate it with equal passion. We’ve decided that we’re going to get laminate flooring in the dining room, living room, and hall way. We’re getting new carpet in all three bedrooms. And we’re tiling with real stone tiles in the kitchen and baths. And since he is also wanting a big flat screen tv, we’re getting a new tv unit as well as a new livingroom set.

I mean, obviously we didn’t win the lottery so this will all be done gradually, of course.  I’ll probably still be doing all this in two years. I mean, I’m still yet to PAINT my living room. (And Mike is still yet to fix the dining room, in case you’re curious. Grrr, don’t get me started.) But eventually I will have a spacious living room with real furniture that *I* chose, which I have never ever had the luxury of before.

Everything in my house has been given to me. Seriously. The only pieces of furniture we’ve ever purchased new are in Nick’s room. We’re so lucky to have people in our lives who have given us everything that we need and then some. However, we’re ready to have a home that reflect who we are– both of us and not just ME, although I say, if it’s ME who is doing the cleaning, shouldn’t I get to choose how I decorate?!

Imagine in the bottom left corner that there is no chair there. Also imagine new, normal sized furniture there that isn’t gold/beige/disgusting. I want green furniture, can ya tell? Imagine a real table set, round ones preferably like in the living room pic, with a LAMP in the place of a plant. I don’t even own but two lamps so I’m excited to finally get a third 😛

Where the tv and chair are, imagine a console with a flat tv on top. Think of all the space I’ll have once that monstrosity of a tv and that no-one-uses-it-but-me chair is out of the way!

It is so nice to dream and wish for nice things, isn’t it? My whole goal with this project though, other than making a lovely room out of a DECENT-looking one, is to make him regret the day that he ever insulted my mad skillz as a “do what you can” interior designer. He is going to be sorry!

Sidenote: Last night I was on Ashley Furniture’s website playing with a room planner and so I showed Mike a layout I’d made that I wanted for my living room. So in this layout, behind the loveseat in what is now “the entryway”, I had put a runner and when Mike saw this, he exclaimed, “It doesn’t look like there’s much room to walk there.” I didn’t follow what he was saying, and he said, “Where you have the runner. How will we walk there?” So then I informed him that a “runner” is a rug, and last I checked, you can walk on rugs. He thought it was a table.

So really… should we ever listen to him? No!



  1. sigh….i know what you mean,,,,,Denton and I finally broke down and bought the living room set a few years ago, it was the first “furniture” i had ever bought, besides my mattress… is so nice to get stuff from other people and so grown up like to actually buy it yourself

  2. So so true!

  3. Laminate wood floors will look awesome. I want them too!

  4. I’m feeling ya with the, “everything given to us”, until we moved in our new to us house 2 years ago, everything we had, was given to us, I don’t know how many couches we went through, because they were old when we got them and about to fall apart so every time someone got a new couch we got their old throw backs! I told scott when we moved I wanted new furniture!!! So we got a little more in our loan and found a great price on new furniture, we got a whole set (couch, love seat, end tables, coffee table, lamps and area rug) for $1100-1200! Which I didn’t think was too bad. It was at some dicount furniture store, and some of it was actually Ashley furniture!!! So shop around and hopefully you’ll find something you like!!!

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