Posted by: angelnorman | July 13, 2008

Fashion schmashion.

So Steve and Barry’s is going belly up, which means no more $9 Sarah Jessica Parker-designed clothes for me this winter. I’d cry a little were it not for the old adage of “You get what you pay for” being oh-so true in this case. Half the clothes I bought from the Bitten line were so poorly made and either shrunk or completely fell apart after only a few washings. But of course I kept buying because it was a good enough value where I didn’t mind buying replacements. Besides, where else will I find plus sized clothes that don’t make me look either pregnant or middle aged?

But all this drama has not hurt SJP’s wallet as she was reportedly paid royalties in full, so I’m glad for that. I mean, she may have made some cheap clothes in quality and price, but she still brought affordable fashion to the masses and therefore she has obtained heroine status in my eyes. Carrie Bradshaw aside. I’m not really a SATC fan. Anyways, apparently SJP is hoping to move the line to Sears, which means even K-Mart could see it. Wow. I don’t really see SJP and K-Mart in the same league, but I can’t imagine that Sears would keep $8.98 clothes available to the general public. I don’t really see them as hip enough to even consider it.

But we’ll see, won’t we? Rest assured that I will be following this one.

In other disappointing news, I went to Maurice’s the other day when I caught wind that they went all the way to size 24! I don’t need a size quite so high, but let’s just say that I’m not far behind. So anyways, I got up and got dressed, ran some errands, and hit the racks at Maurice’s just to see if I could find anything cute for a decent price there. I was very bored with the shirt selection, which consisted of maybe 25 shirts most of which were plaid. Fat and plaid don’t really go hand-in-hand if you ask me, but then some people say that of horizontal stripes and I happen to LOVE horizontal stripes on me.

Then me and the BFF hit up Dots Fashions, which is in the same area and also touts the “We have plus sizes!” advertisements in their windows. So we went in and I was as equally disappointed with almost everything in there as I was at Maurice’s. It all looked so non-sophisticated. I require a little bit of sophistication in what I wear. I don’t want to look older than 40, but I don’t want to look like I did when I was 17 either.

Why are clothes that can help me out with that so hard to come by?!

It’s disappointing. I want to make my own line of clothing.

Until I manage to learn to design outfits, you will more than likely find me at my old standbys, Cato and Lane Bryant.


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