Posted by: angelnorman | July 17, 2008

I’m really lazy today.

I was really trying to make July 2008 the month that I blog every single day, but alas, I failed you all on yesterday. I simply had no news to report because Nick and I haven’t done many interesting things this week, except for yesterday we helped Ems primer the boys’ bedroom while they are away this week. I have no pics to show of it, so really, yesterday’s blog would have looked like this:

Covered in paint. We primered the boys’ bedroom with Ems today. I had a good time, though I’m still finding places where paint is on me. I’m not a professional painter and therefore I end up wearing more paint than I get on the walls. But it was fun anyways, and it makes me want to paint my house. Big surprise.

And even today I have nothing real to say, so I’m just going to say something, anything, with pictures and captions.

Nicholas helped us bathe Roscoe and Alex last night. This was the first time he’s ever had a big hand in helping us wash them.

I love this pic even though Alex was not cooperating and you can see a pile of dirty clothes to the left… But look how skinny Alex is when he is wet. Aw.

I just loved the look on his face, though I caught him mid-lick. He looks terrified– probably because he always is. The dogs hate baths, and when they’re forced to take one, the biggest challenge is keeping them in the tub. They will jump out and run around like crazy if you’re not careful.

And because I came into the bathroom after Roscoe’s bath, here’s a couple of him for you, pre-grooming so nevermind his long nails and dirty face.

One more for the road.

About 30 minutes ago, Nicholas was sitting at the dining room table finishing his applesauce. I was in here talking to Mike about something when I heard this little giggle. And then another. Then full out laughter followed. So I looked around and noticed that my sweet Roscoe was in the office with us, but Alex was missing. Knowing of the worrisome animal pestering that Nicholas dishes out, I decided to investigate what he was doing to my poor Alex. So I crept into the kitchen hoping to bust him, and I looked down into the laundry room where I keep the dogs’ kennels, and this is what I found:

Note the sheer look of terror on Alex’s face. Now look at how happy Nicholas is. BOTHERSOME.

And before you ask, yes, the boy owns pants. He has never really liked wearing them though. He gets it from Mike and I because in a lot of our childhood pics, we are walking around in undies.

We’re a match made in heaven, the three of us.


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