Posted by: angelnorman | July 19, 2008

Stuff that’s on my mind.

Things that have made my self-esteem suffer in the last few days:

1. Shopping. Nothing kills the self esteem faster for me than not fitting into the size I’m supposed to fit into, if you catch my drift.

2. Bad hair days. Or better yet, hair days that start out wonderfully then move to awful because I still have no A/C in the car and therefore have to roll down the windows so that I don’t die while travelling anywhere. Wind does not respect the ‘do, le me tell ya. I always walk into places looking as though I’ve pulled at my hair, like I’m somewhat insane.

Yesterday Nick and I hopped in the car before his nap and went to have his hair cut and to do a little “It’s my weekend!” shopping. I’ve claimed this weekend for my own because I’m going with two of my closest friends to have a girls’ day complete with shopping and pedicures and whatnot. Anyways, I wanted to have cute outfits to wear last night when my husband took me to dinner and also for the spa day today so I hit up some of my favorite stores in search of the perfect outfits.

Well, everything I tried on at the first store was awful, just awful. Things claimed to be my size and then when I put them on, I swear they looked two sizes too small. My one-two bellies were emphasized in ways that no one ever needs to see. Nicholas kept assuring me that everything I wore was “cute”; no matter what I tried on, he would exclaim, “Cuuuuute. You know what else is cute? My pirate stuff. I am going to dress up like a pirate when I get home.”


Other wonderful things he said in the dressing room at the very top of his lungs:

“Ew! I don’t want to see your butt!” (And it was clothed, by the way. I only tried on shirts. But he wouldn’t let me turn to look in the mirror and put my back to him without making this exclamation. As loud as he could.)

“You don’t have no shirt on!”/ “Are you going to show your boobies?”

“I want you to get the rock star one! Rock star! Rock star!” (There was some shirt with guitars all over it that he picked out for me and I declined.)

And that rock star shirt was the only thing he picked out that I didn’t try on, honestly, because I thought, at this point in my life, my three year old might actually have better taste in clothes than I do. What do I have to lose?

He did pick out this outfit for me:

I would have never picked it out for myself, but he insisted upon it and when I tried it on and it actually fit, in my appropriate size, I decided it was a sign. Plus, dudes– It’s green! It’s my favoritest color!

I got another shirt too, which you’ll see later when I share my spa pics, I’m sure.



  1. I like it! I think it is really cute. Good job!

  2. Very stylish! And I love your hair. i kept hearing about your fabulous new hair but hadn’t seen it. Nice!

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