Posted by: angelnorman | July 20, 2008

Post 328. Seriously, wow. I am not interesting enough to have done that many posts.

My current obsessions:
1. Movie: The Holiday. And not just because Shea says I look like Kate, which I don’t. It’s just a good movie!
2. Scent: Lemongrass. I want to grow my own all over the house.
3. Drink: Sweet Tea. Like Granny used to make. So sugar and water and a hint of tea flavor.
4. TV Show: Still Jon and Kate Plus 8. Some things never change.
5. Upcoming events: My SIL’s baby shower. I’m sad I’m not throwing it.
6. Song: Foundations, Kate Nash. It’s my new theme song.
7. Author: Jen Lancaster. She is me, only much more rad.
8. Books: Bitter Is The New Black and Such a Pretty Fat, by #7. I couldn’t decide which to start on first, so I started on both of them. One last night and one this morning. I refuse to read in any particular order. I like going all willy-nilly with my reading, although I am less haphazard and more purposeful in every other area of my life. Again: walking contradiction. None of us should be surprised.
9. Colors: Blue! Green! Muted Reds! Orange! I’m actually in this wild mood to create an even wilder cottage garden with many, many colors involved. And it would be super overgrown and look like it’s been there forever. I would so do this were I not terrified snakes might move in. Until then I will have no bushes or bushy plants or anything that might harbor wild creatures. Also: I can’t garden. I know very little about it. I don’t know who I’m trying to fool here.
10. Concept: Purposeful living. I don’t do it enough.

Three times up there I said I like something that contains the word Kate. How can I be obsessed with so many Kate things? That has to mean something. Something disturbing, probably.

Oh, oh. Let me share this pic.


This was pre-pedicures, but aren’t we cute? Oh, and do ya like my bold shirt?! I love it. It’s way cute, though I look way pregnant in some angles. But hey… I’m fat! Anyone who says otherwise has their definition of fat completely skewed. I will look pregnant until I lose weight. It’s a fact of life. May as well live it up and just wear whatever I think is pretty without worry of trying to hide anything.

I’m tired. Let me wrap this up. Got that first paycheck from Mike’s new job. Wondered why it was off a little from what we expected. Learned that we were getting hit with the GA state tax despite not actually living in GA. What the?! So we’re going to have to correct it or we’re moving to GA. I’m not going to pay for GA kids to have better parks and go to school and things unless I get something out of it, dang it.



  1. my comment list:

    1. why didn’t michelle roll up her jeans too in that picture? i thought girls afternoons were all about matching outfits?

    2. you look super tiny in that loud shirt. for reals.

    3. i’m jealous. and i would have worn cuffed jeans too, and then made fun of michellle for not joining in.

    4. guess what? i’m so not in town the 26th. my feelings abotu this fact are summed up with one word that starts with an f and ends with a k.

  2. i responded via email. it was much too long to share in comment form. however, i will say that my favorite person in that photo is alex and his spooky eyes.

    he reminds me of zuul. you know, from ghostbusters. there is no alex, only zuul!

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