Posted by: angelnorman | July 21, 2008

Activia: you’re the devil

A recommendation: Do not eat Activia yogurt unless you’re backed up. Actually, it’s more of a note-to-self and less of a warning to you, because it may be a lovely thing for you. However, probiotics do not agree with me, apparently. My biggest fear is that this diarrhea gas, a.k.a. these liquidy farts, will not let up anytime soon and I will be the girl at the gym this morning secretly breaking wind (and thus praying I haven’t done more) with every step.

Last night, about 30 minutes after a nice normal trip to the potty room, my stomach started to rumble. I thought perhaps it was the tacos we had for dinner. Maybe it was that and the hour-long workout at the Y combined. (Oh how I’d love to blame exercise for an ailment other than tight shin muscles these days.)  Then I thought maybe I’d contracted some sort of quick-setting virus from the Y. We all know I question its cleanliness everytime I go based upon smells alone. The Y I go to always smells like body odor, smelly feet, and gas– mainly just the locker room, and I’m probably exaggerating a bit but not much.

But then, two hours later when I’m on the toilet a second time basically getting zero relief, I remember that I had yogurt. Not just any yogurt either, but a yogurt that claims to work to improve slow systems, if you catch my drift. I’d had a sluggish system prior to this, if you must know, so I thought maybe the yogurt couldn’t hurt in sort of helping me with that ever so lovely bloating and heaviness I felt from not being able to eliminate properly.

I am now convinced that Dannon Activia is the devil in yogurt form. It is destroying me from the intestinal tract out, I just know it.

The Dark Knight has taken over my house. Michael and Nicholas are both exceptionally obsessed with all things Batman these days. It wouldn’t be so bad were we not buying a ton of cereal here lately. Batman is displayed on every box we bring into this house, and now it’s extended to our Go-Gurt supply. We can’t seem to buy stuff without Batman’s emblem all over it.

Speaking of cereal, here’s a disturbing issue to me. We can’t keep cereal stocked here anymore. Now that Mike is home all day, we seem to be moving through a single box of cereal every couple, no more than three, days. Both Mike and Nick have it for breakfast, Michael then has a bowl for dessert for every meal afterwards, and sometimes he even eats it as a snack. I normally do not eat cereal, although I did start eating Special K’s Chocolatey Delight this morning because, you know, I’m doing the whole “workout and eat better” thing again. But Mike? He eats it like he may never get it again. So he can do upwards of 3 or 4 bowls a day… which is sick, right? Completely. Something is wrong with him– it’s a disease. A cereal-craving disease that actually gets rather expensive.

But you better believe he’s never had a problem with irregularity.



  1. Angel, my brother and husband do the same thing with cereal. My brother goes through 2-3 boxes a week. He usually does not even sit down to eat it because he eats it so fast. We are all big ceral eaters here too. So don’t feel so bad about that!

  2. oh you make me laugh! sorry about the whole yogurt thing , that was not funny, Im sure! and I will def. not be getting that kind, thanks for the warning! but the cereal & batman thing were very funny! yea, we go through cereal like crazy, but it’s only me & Abby to blame, Scott’s not much of a cereal eater! we got the crazy cereal disease that got passed to me from my Mom and then passed to Abby from me! luckily we found some good off brands at save a lot, that don’t cost a fortune and they are just as good! But it probably doesn’t have batman on it! lol.

  3. I’m glad we’re not the only crazy cereal eaters in this world. I told Michael about a year ago, before it really got bad, that he was going to need to switch to the off-brand 2 lb bags or whatever if he didn’t adjust the amount of cereal he ate. He buys it occasionally but can justify the boxes when they’re on sale. :/ I bought him pop-tarts, lean pocket breakfast sandwiches, and waffles for breakfast options, yet still he chooses cereal every single time. Crazy kid.

    And he eats like megabowls with three servings at once in them. Then he wonders why his pants don’t fit well anymore. Hm, I wonder why. Maybe because you’re eating 400 calories in every bowl and that doesn’t even count what else you put in that mouth.

    But he’s a growing boy, so I’m trying not to give him a hard time 🙂

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