Posted by: angelnorman | July 25, 2008

Good times on a Thursday.

I took Nicholas to see my dad yesterday morning at his work, where he drove a forklift and placed pallets (Michelle! Jen!) of whatevers like a pro. (Seriously, I have no idea what my dad does, what his company does at all. I couldn’t even identify most of the parts on the shelves around me.) Nicholas was in heaven, though, and my dad just couldn’t get over how well Nicholas handled the heavy machinery. I mean, c’mon, dad. He is a boy after all. Shifting gears and lifting pallets is right up his alley. I was not surprised, though I did love seeing him so immersed in an activity.

Nick also helped the UPS man scan the boxes, which was only cool because of the red laser he got to wield. The UPS guy actually reminded me a bit of Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian, really. Only with better hair. Hm. Must be the brown outfit.), and he cracked a joke about how he uses the laser beams from the signature box thingy (Gosh, I’m so technical) to slash tires on cars as he drives down the street. Awesome. He was my favorite person ever.

We also got to see 5 little baby kittens that a stray mama cat had delivered in the upstairs of their warehouse. I made the mistake of getting on hands and knees up there and was covered with dirt and dust when I got back up, but it was worth it to hold the sweetest little fluffy black kitten ever. It curled up in my hands and I petted its little head. Precious! I want a kitty cat like you would not believe.

Here’s some pics.

I hadn’t seen my dad since March, and that had not been a great experience, so it was nice to go and see him yesterday. I think he and I can only go about 3 to 4 months before we have to make contact with one another and reunite.

Sad news though. The Mama Cat that gave birth to those sweet babies was found dead on the side of the road yesterday. It’s a highly industrial area, so I’m sure she was out trying to find some food so she could feed her babies. My dad took the kitties home with him last night and fed them milk from bowls and some were even eating the dry food he bought. He has a pit bull named Sissy and according to my dad’s email this morning, Sissy was acting like a mother toward the kittens. Hard for me to imagine pit bulls as nice anymore since the one-of-them-almost-killed-my-dog incident, but I am glad that the kittens weren’t eaten up last night. 🙂 Also, my dad said that there was a man he worked with who owns a farm and he’s going to take ALL the kittens home with him to live, so I imagine that they’ll be happy again soon. Poor little things. Poor mama cat.

Speaking of reunions, guess who Nick and I had lunch with yesterday? 3/4ths of the Hokansons. And it was as amazing as I’m sure you’re imagining it.

And I swear Nick and Jenson squealed at each other for like the first twenty minutes, they were just so happy to be back together. Jen and I watched this with much wonder until she started singing Peaches n’ Herbs’ “Reunited” and it. cracked. me. up.



  1. glad ya’ll had a good visit! looks like Nick had a ball! That’s too funny about Nick & his friend! that’s what Abby does with her friends too, when she hasn’t seen them in a while!!

  2. I love when two target rugs can occupy cute boys while an 11 month old chunker sleeps on your chest.


    It was a lovely day. 🙂

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