Posted by: angelnorman | July 27, 2008

My stepdad’s birthday, or the one in which I ignore my feelings on aging

My stepdad turned fifty years old this past week. It’s really weird to have one of my parents turning half-a-century old, really. I would try to explain why it weirds me out, why all the sudden I’m sort of freaked out about being a 30-something, but it wouldn’t come out right. I’ve tried twice now to blog it and neither time has it made much sense.

Instead, I will show you my favorite pictures from our Friday night brithday dinner shindig.

Nick poses at our house with his gifts for his Diddy.

Diddy opens up his awesome hand-painted and framed tile. Because it is from Nicholas, it is super special. It will surely adorn one of Diddy’s desks, or maybe even a nightstand. He loved it.

Diddy gets his main present from us, a Frank Sinatra cd, which features a family favorite- “Strangers in the Night”. He posed with it, so that should tell you how much he liked it.

This was my favorite pic. He didn’t know that he was getting a cake, and boy did my mom catch him offguard with it. I really loved how surprised he was and how happy he looked. We don’t get to pull one over on him often, or do much for him at all. So it was really nice to see him enjoy it so much.

Happy birthday, Diddy. We love you!



  1. The gift from Nick is lovely. Looks like Diddy had a great night.

  2. Happy Birthday Patrick! Since Kendan was named after you and all! LOL

  3. that was sweet to frame one of Nick’s paintings, great idea! glad Diddy had a good bday! I LOVE NICK”S Shirt! Too cute! I too have aging issues, esp. with my 30’s approaching! i don’t know what it is. anyway looks like ya’ll had a great time, I’m glad!

  4. LOL! Today was my daddy’s 76th birthday…and a few weeks ago it was my mom’s 65th birthday!

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