Posted by: angelnorman | July 29, 2008

Happiness is a new pirate lunch box

He’s very excited for school, as you can see.

Pirate Lunch box from Cuddle Me Cozy.

I’ve entered into a whole new realm of parenthood these days,  where my focus is very suddenly on what sort of nap mat cover I can get him or what I can pack for his lunch that will both add variety to his diet and not make me that parent who only feeds her kid pb&j sandwiches. Because while I maintain that I don’t care what people think of me, I don’t want people to think I’m not teaching my kid proper nutrition. HA.

I’m not accustomed to thinking in terms of school and such. While Mike is talking about paying off bills/ what’s going on in the news/ which is the worse presidential candidate/ where to go for our weekend getaway, I’m thinking of backpacks and thermoses (thermosi?) or whether or not I should begin the whole “new school clothes” tradition this weekend with the tax free holiday and all.

I used to love that time of year before school when my mom would take me shopping for school supplies and let me pick out a few new pieces to enhance the ol’ wardrobe. Well, for the first 10 years of my school career anyways. Once I got to high school, I sort of fended for myself or got clothes for all my presents that birthday/Christmas season. That was because I chose to fend for myself of course– not because my mom didn’t care. I just wanted to clarify since she reads this that I’m not blaming her for anything ridiculous. And while I didn’t want my mom to be even more broke than she already was, because she was, thanks to my dad not paying child support properly, mainly my reason was that I was full-out addicted to trading clothes with Mela, a lady who ran our local thrift shop. She was amazing and would just let me get clothes by making donations. Some of the stuff I re-traded, and she didn’t even care. She was crazy cool like that, though her thrift store always stunk like cats. And maybe armpits. But it was vintage, and therefore, awesome.

I digress.

This school stuff is so new to me; it’s just a bizarre new level to the already crazy world of parenting. I think I’m so enamored with the idea of it because it’s the next big milestone for Nick, and here we are about to embrace this new stage, this business of being a preschooler. It’s a weird mixture of extreme emotion, really. It’s comparable, at least to me, to Nicholas learning to talk or being potty-trained. This may seem absurd, so let me explain. It’s just that when they’re babies, kids go through many milestones quickly, like sleeping through the night, sitting up, rolling over, crawling, walking, playing with their friends, sharing, etc. When they become toddlers, the milestones are fewer and farther between but they’re so awesome in their own way. Or perhaps it’s just that they’re more subtle. They’re happening every day, little things like talking more clearly, becoming more imaginative, developing interests and hobbies, etc.

I love toddlerhood. It’s by far my favorite time thus far as a parent, despite how many potty accidents I’ve had to clean, how many time-outs I’ve had to give for a smart-mouth, and how many dinners have went to waste because he refused to eat anything that didn’t have pb&j between its slices.

And just a warning: I will probably be blogging a lot about school in the coming weeks. Head’s up for those who think I’m too immersed in this subject. Don’t think it can’t get worse. It can always get worse. I can always be just a tad bit crazier.


I said to Nicholas the other night that I will miss him during the day on Tuesday and Thursday. I admitted to him that I will not know what to do. I said, “And you’ll be at school having so much fun! What will I do, ya think? Will I come home and clean?”

And he answered, “No! You are done with the cleaning. You will watch tv!”

I laughed and thanked him. I am thankful to be relieved from my chores and sentenced to watching adult tv during the day instead. It sounds nice, anyways. Drinking a whole cup of coffee before it gets cold also sounds lovely. So does napping.

He is in the habit lately of telling me he will not learn anything at school but games. In fact, he says he is going there simply to practice I-Spy.

Quite frankly, he needs it. His idea of playing I-Spy is changing what he spies to whatever I guess first as long as the color matches 90% of the time, and it’s always so obvious. Picture him looking at a red bouncy ball on the floor. I know he’s going to make this his I-Spy. “I-spy with my little eye something red,” he would say. I look at his shirt, also red, and make it my guess. “Yes, it IS red, mommy! Now it’s your turn to play!” Silly goose.



  1. Where the heck was this thrift store and why didn’t I know about it??

  2. Oh, honey. The first day will be bittersweet. However, you will absolutely love the little break it give you. Whether you go grocery shopping, home for a nap, to a thrift store or to a book store. It won’t matter. You will grow so acustomed to it that come, summer, you’ll freak out like the rest of us! LOL!

  3. I love the lunchbox! too cool! where did you get it???? He looks thrilled! I’m still waiting to hear if Abby will get in preschool! It’s driving me crazy!

    Oh my gosh! that thrift store! HA HA HA! I forgot all about that! I went in there a few times and with Angelis! it def. smelled like cats & arm pits!!!!

    When is Nick’s first day of school???? That is so exciting! It is a HUGE milestone!!! Congrats!

  4. Awesome lunchbox!!! GOODLUCK! It will be fun!

  5. Themorsi lol

  6. dangit, Thermosi, lame typo

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