Posted by: angelnorman | July 30, 2008

A typical conversation, really.

Mike: This contact solution is only filled to here (holds the bottle up to the light to show me the total rip-off that I purchased at Kroger two days ago.)
Me: Damn. And that was $9, too. For salt water!
Mike: What? Salt? Water?
Me: Yes, saline. Salt water.
Mike: That’s salt?! How come it doesn’t burn?
Me: Well it’s not a high concentrate, ocean water in a bottle sort of thing, Mike. Our eyes are accustomed to saline because it’s what our tears are, just a little sodium and some water.
Mike: Huh. Sodium nitrate?
Me: (joking) Sodium Bicarbonate?
Mike: Sodiumphilharmonics.
Me: …What? (bursting with laughter.)
Mike: That’s right I said it. (Long pause.) What is that, anyways- philharmonics? A band or something?
Me: A band?! Are you serious?
Mike: Like Gladys Knight and the Phil Harmonics.



  1. a band lol

  2. yes, it made me laugh, as you will recall since i woke up the kid with my hyena-like laughter

  3. wow. you guys are truly hilarious. you need to have a reality show. much better than “Tori and Dean” which i tivoed thanks to our friend Jen. it’s so irritating that i’ll probably watch it again. argh.

  4. I love it! That is so funny. You know, part of why I quit wearing my contacts a few years ago is because all of a sudden, virtually every solution began to brun my eyes and sting them into puffy, runny oblivion.

  5. TORI AND DEAN ROCKSSS MY SOCKSSS!!! so cute you two!

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