Posted by: angelnorman | July 30, 2008

The Normans love: Discovery Center at Murfree Spring

Ever been to the Discovery Center at Murfree Spring in the ‘boro? It has to be one of my kid’s favorite places to go. Wide open spaces combined with actvity stations galore could make for an afternoon of fun for any toddler, but mine likes it especially for the water area, the giant slide, and the train tables. And I really like it because it provides a place to play when it’s too hot or cold to be outside… and since it’s been nearing 100-degrees almost every single day this summer, it is most definitely too hot to be outside.

The membership is the only way to go, though, especially since they charge $5 for anyone over 3 years old, adults included. It can be a relatively pricey activity if you plan on doing it several times a season. Every year at Christmas and birthdays, I beg my 7- yes, Nick has 7 grandparents– parents to consider getting us memberships to local activities like the Nashville Zoo or the Discovery Center or to buy us gift certificates for things like CEC, just so we can get out and enjoy it throughout the year. We don’t need anymore toys and games, really. We haven’t even outgrown the things they’ve bought in previous years!

But you know how grandparents are. They want to spoil the kid with things. Lucky for us, my mom finally had enough of my begging and pleading and bought us a Discovery Center membership last year for Christmas. (Don’t be fooled, she still spoiled her only grandkid (and US) with more than enough stuff to last several Christmases over.) But we’ve really enjoyed it and we hope she renews it for us for Christmas this year. Hint, hint.  Seriously though, it makes a great gift for us. We definitely enjoy visiting there.

I just thought it neat that we started this month off with a trip to Discovery Center for a Parents and Tots activity on July 2nd, and today we rounded out the month with yet another trip to Discovery Center. It is so ugly hot out this week– a trip to the playground yesterday almost made us pass out!!!– that being indoors was a welcome change. And Nick? He had a blast! We were there for just over 4 hours, and had he not needed to eat, we could have stayed there till they closed at 5, I’m sure.

Click HERE to see some more of our month at the page o’ pics.



  1. Don’t worry hint is taken 🙂 Gran will get another membership for you all. I am going to spoil him as long as I am able. I do not care what any one has to say about that either he is my only grandchild and I love him!!!

    He is a gift from God and a blessing to me! He makes me happy 🙂

    Budz-I love you

  2. What a handsome picture!

  3. I love this place! Miles asked to go yesterday, by the way. We should meet there soon. What aare you doing tomorrow? It is my husband’s bday, but he still has to work…

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