Posted by: angelnorman | August 3, 2008

My Sister-in-law’s baby shower, or WOW! What a fatty *I* am

Yesterday was my sister-in-law’s baby shower for her second child, little Jonathan Austin Jessie. Typically I dislike baby showers, what with all the silly games and such. The only fun baby shower I’d ever been to prior to this one yesterday was my friend Jen’s, and that may have been because I helped plan parts of it and that in lieu of games, we got crafty. So I wasn’t really thrilled with going solo to this baby shower yesterday, especially after I learned that 1) I’ve lost part of her baby swing (the seat cover!) and 2) the bassinet that both our first kids slept in, which we shared because my Step-MIL wanted all her grandkids to share it and also which she took back from me yesterday so that Jonathan could use it, was broken after having been exposed to three years in our garage. I felt so bad!

But my SIL didn’t even care. She was very non-chalant about it and even refused my offer to replace the swing before the baby comes, which I may still try to do via consignment shops and/or yard sales. I just feel bad about it, though I really couldn’t help it.

So let me tell you about this game we played that made the baby shower so awesome! If anyone wants to throw me a pre-baby party if I ever have another, then I want to play this game again. There were 6 diapers on the tables and each one had some sort of smooshed chocolate candy inside to look like poo. We all took turns examining and sniffing, and then laughing about how disgusting it was. Well guess who won that one? Big fat pre-diabetes Angel! Here you can see me with my winning answers.

I had a really good time! I have the best sisters-in-law ever, so I should have known that I’d laugh my chocolate candy-lovin’ butt off and end up having the best time I’ve had in a while. Jonathan scored a lot of nice loot. 

My beautiful sister-in-law looks radiant, and I just cannot wait to get the call on September 8th that she’s had Jonathan and that I have a third nephew to spoil. This will be my 6th niece or nephew! Christmas budgets are going to be tight. Ha.

You can see more right here.



  1. yay! The day before my birthday! WISH HER GOODLUCK FOR ME! I love that game too..and if I remember correctly, a perfect score came from me at my aunt’s shower! LOL

  2. I was wondering how everything went. I am so glad she got a lot of nice things. September the 8th my best friend Joy’s birthday. That game sounds like it was really fun.

    Glad you had a good time.



  3. We played that game at my SIL shower that we put on her a few years back. Certainly is an ‘Eww’ factor game. lol But very fun to watch people shove their faces into a diaper and sniff it. ;o)

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