Posted by: angelnorman | August 5, 2008

not my best blog

I can’t resist the urge to apologize for the total lack of concern in this blog. I’m too tired to make it entertaining. Maybe later.

We went to the school tonight for the Open House. Duhn duhn duhhhhn.

First thing we noticed when we walked in was a table with a stack of fabric nap mat covers for $17 each. I had originally scoffed at this but Nick found a “Batman and Jokerman” one that he liked. Since the nap mat is the bane of his existence lately (hates. it.), I went ahead and bought the darn thing with high hopes that he might get over his disdain for resting on his nap mat. For the past three days, we’ve tried to get him to sleep on his nap mat during his regularly scheduled naptime instead of in his bed. Epic failure has resulted.

We’ll try again tomorrow with this new cover to see how he feels about it then. This picture says he likes it, but we’ll see when it’s really naptime whether or not he’ll listen to my plea to at least try the nap mat out:

So we got there, got suckered into buying the cover, and then we went to his classroom and met with his teachers. We were the first ones there so Nicholas got to have one-on-one connection with them, whereas other kids were sort of poured in and didn’t actually get a chance to be properly introduced. Neither of them could get Nicholas to say hi to them, but Mrs. Ruthie did get him to give her a high-five. (My kid is too cool for school apparently.) Afterwards, he beamed with pride and ran right into the room to play as if he had suddenly slapped away his inhibitions with that high-five. He seemed as comfortable with this classroom as he did with the one he goes to for Sunday school, which just so happened to be down the hall.

So there we were, teachers met and classroom location noted. We sat and did paperwork in the tiniest chairs at tables that were clearly made for toddlers and not large people like myself! I was a little put off that they would make the parents (have you seen the size of my rear lately?) sit at those little things and do all this important paperwork and THEN listen to the teachers read each and every bullet point on the memo, but it wasn’t too unbearable. A few minutes full of hand cramps later, I was free to move about the room and ask the teacher very important questions like, “If I bring Capri Sun, will you help him put his straw in? If I bring a lunchable, can you help him open it?”

I need to know these things, people. He can’t do those things on his own, and their policies are unclear. 

For what it’s worth, yes, they most certainly will help him with either of those things. They just won’t cook or spoon-feed him his lunch. That’s what the policy means when it says, “The child should be able to feed himself lunch without our help.”

That’s really about it. He will start his Tuesdays and Thursdays with an art class first thing in the morning, and every Tuesday, I’m to send a couple of bucks with him for a special lunch. There will be a reward system where he’ll receive dum-dum suckers or tootsie rolls whenever he has a good day where he doesn’t hit his peers or his teachers, and I’m strongly encouraged to not walk into his classroom in the morning with him. There’s a mat outside their door that’s for quick kisses and hugs to make the seperation as easy as possible. I have to fully inspect my child’s pockets every morning to make sure he doesn’t sneak toys or money into class, but I can send with him a small stuffed animal for resting time. The school provides milk and water for the kids, so I have to send an empty sippy cup, etc. It’s really very basic stuff.

As we were walking out of the classroom though, Michael spotted his cousin Erica and we all had a chat. We haven’t seen her in something like two and a half years, and before that it had been probably another two years(she didn’t even remember my name). So it was awkwardly interesting when we went to dinner with her family and caught up on each other’s lives. Nicholas and Hayden (her 4 year old) had a ball acting silly at the table, and we made plans to get together this weekend for more awkward conversation. Yipee! No, it wasn’t bad at all… we just don’t really know them, so we don’t have fall-back topics that we can all enjoy talking about, other than our kids of course. So the whole night was mainly us talking about MDO, where we worked and lived, and how long it’d been since we’d talked to one another.

Fun times.



  1. I’m right there with ya, i’d be asking about the capri suns and things like that too! I love the pic of Nick on his mat! too cute, love his little smile! I hope he enjoys it. That’s wild that ya’ll ran into a cousin up there. Will her son & Nick be in the same class? when is his first day? good luck!

  2. Her son will be four at the beginning of September, so he is actually going to be going to Kindergarten readiness this year. That’s a different class- they go four days a week. And her daughter is two so no luck there either. But we’ll see them in the mornings before school, I suppose.

    And it is wild, that we’d see her there of all places.

    Nick’s first day is August 12th, so this coming Tuesday. *sniff*

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