Posted by: angelnorman | August 5, 2008

the anticipation’s killing me

First things first. Thanks for recent comments. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond yet, but I thank you for the nice things you’ve said about our pictures and the last couple of blogs.

Second: I will have more to blog later. Tonight’s open house and I’m sure that will leave me with lots to say.

Third: My 10-year high school reunion is two months away. Um. Yikes.


A recent card purchased for my SIL:

Someday, he’ll be a big-time movie star
or a fifth grade teacher.
Someday, he’ll marry, have a few kids.
Maybe he won’t.
Someday, he’ll change the world as we know it.
Or maybe he’ll travel,
send postcards from China,
phone you from Paris.
Someday, he’s going to be a big, strong man
 able to carry you in his arms.
One day, he’ll have his own hopes and dreams,
not knowing that once upon a quiet time,
you closed your eyes and made a wish
to one day have him in your life.

I love Hallmark cards. They’re the best.



  1. YAY! Open house..can’t wait to hear all about it!

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