Posted by: angelnorman | August 7, 2008

Twenty things about you.

1. You’re very into puzzles these days. You pretend like you don’t know how to do them and ask, “Where does this one go? And where does this one go?” But the truth is that you are actually really good at them.

2. You still love stuffed animals more than anything. I think if you never owned an action figure, if you’d never played with a car and truck, that would be okay with you. But if any of your two dozen favorite stuffed animals were to go missing, you would be so sad! Your favorites are Poley Bear, Tickle Bear, Dalmatian Dog, and Chichi the chihuahua.

3.  But you’re also obsessed with: Spiderman, Batman/Joker(man)– You call him “Jokerman” instead of “The Joker”, Transformers, Star Wars, Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man. You’ve never even seen half of those movies, but it seems that you have developed a great love for these things anyway.

4. You really love tv. I try so hard to get you to play independently of the tv, because I’ve been reading recently that tv background noise going on while you’re playing in the same room can actually hurt your chances of learning to focus properly. You sometimes turn the tv off when you’ve had enough of it, though.

5. You still torment Roscoe and Alex, despite two years’ worth of reprimands. Usually you just chase them around the house or force them into hugs and kisses, which is far better than hitting them or something, but still we cannot get you to give them some space. You just love them too much.

6. You are so excited to go to school. You’re mostly excited about your school supplies. And the games that you insist will be taught to you.

7. Your favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pretzel sticks, crackers, applesauce, cheese, and yogurt. You also really like lollipops. Your favorite drinks are Milk, Apple Juice, Sprite, the “blue drink” from Sonic (Ocean Water), and Bug Juice. You’ve also got an occasional taste for tea. And diet coke, which leads me to #8!

8. You always sneak sips of our diet coke these days. I sometimes pretend not to notice because I think it’s hilarious that you KNOW I don’t want you to drink it and yet you risk so much by sipping some anyways.

9. The most embarrassing thing you’ve said lately was said to your Gran, over the phone. You said: “My balls are on my penis.” You’re suddenly really aware of that region, particularly the um, non-penis parts that I don’t want you to call “balls”. That word bothers me! So gross. And you insist on using that name for them, even though Daddy has told you to call them “the boys” (which is also not good enough for me, but whatever. I’m not sure I could ever come up with a term that was acceptable enough anyhow.)

10. You mimic almost everything we do. The other day I was frantically running around the house, trying to get out of the door quickly so as not to be late for our play date with some friends, but I couldn’t find my cell phone. So I finally found it, was ready to walk out the door, and you said, “Oh! I need my cell phone too!” You ran back to your room and rummaged around as I waited quite impatiently for you at the door. You returned with you Power Rangers cell phone and said, “Okay. We can go now.” Very. Cute.

11. You love to cook, and you’re really good at helping in the kitchen too. You can crack and egg better than I could at your age (and even better than I could up until like two years ago when all the sudden my egg cracking just stopped resulting in epic failure). You are also good with dredging, spreading peanut butter on bread, and slicing a banana.

12. You love playing with that tea set I got you. I told your dad that buying you that tea set from IKEA was a good idea, and that it most certainly would not make you gay as he feared. Tea parties are too for boys! I’m kidding about the gay thing, though your daddy did ask if that wasn’t too girly a thing for us to buy you. I’m a firm believer that every child could benefit from a tea set– doesn’t everyone drink? Doesn’t everyone eat? YES. Now, if it had had princesses on it, that’d be one thing. But this is plain porcelain, very minimal but nice. And you, sir, make one heck of a pretend cup of coffee and don’t you ever let anyone tell you there’s any shame in your tea/coffee service.

13. You think it’s funny when people shake their booties, especially if it’s on tv or if it’s me.

14. You do this dance now, too, where you sort of slowly rotate your hips and sometimes you don’t move your arms with it, so you look HILARIOUS to me. I especially loved how you stood in the restaurant the other day and did it, totally unashamed and unaware of how many folks might be looking at you (lots, by the way). You so remind me of… ME!

15. You like wearing my shoes still. Daddy has switched all worry about the tea set over to your love of my red heels. Just kidding. But you do wear my flip flops all the time even though you have your own pair (and on that note, let me just say that you are a little pro at them. They never fall off anymore. You’re a master at the flip flops. That also reminds me of me, since I wear flip flops 9 months out of the year at least.)

16. You have three cars that are bigger than the typical matchbox cars you own, and you have assigned each of those three cars to one of us. Mine is silver, and I think it’s a porsche. Thank you for that.

17. You love pizza, but you love the garlic butter more. You will not eat at all if I forget to order garlic for dipping. It’s your favorite part of pizza night.

18. You still fight your bedtime routine. You get really angry right around teeth-brushing time because you do not want to go to bed like you know you need to. Every night is a battle! And though I can’t tell you this now, but I secretly love it when you come back for kisses and hugs upwards of 5 times when you’re supposed to be pottying or brushing those teeth or going to bed. Between every single thing you do, you have to kiss me, and I have to coax you back into the routine. (And though Daddy knows that I enjoy all that lovin’, I can’t really flaunt it because it drives him crazy that you’re not listening to him and I’m letting you get away with it!!!)

19. Sometimes when you bump your head on the table or you run into a doorframe, you turn around and growl at it while saying, “OH I’m going to be so mad at you, (table/door)!” I love how you’re already placing the blame on something else. I just think it’s funny because you are so accident prone and instead of being more careful, you think the door or the table might actually have caused the accident to happen at all. So you yell at it. That’s classic.

20. Today you asked our friend Emily to hold your toy, which was a big deal since you never ask people you’re not related to for anything in public like that, but she didn’t hear you. So I heard you and I held it for you and we went about our business. Then a few minutes later, Ems tripped you accidentally and you cried for a minute. She apologized and you were okay.

On the way home, you looked at your hand and you said, “My hand still hurts because I falled.” I said, “You fell?” And you said, “Yes. I fell.” And I asked you how, and reminded you that Emily had accidentally bumped into you and made you fall. You sat for a minute and instead of complaining about the fall you said, “And she didn’t hold my toy! I asked her to and she did not.”

You were more torn up about how she blew you off than the accidental knock-down. Emotional pain > physical pain, and you’ve already learned that!



  1. oh my gosh this was awesome…i laughed all the way through with a few awws… lol.. well we will have to have a sisters day before i go back to school and you will have to come see my new place. i love you and the rest of the norman clan.

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