Posted by: angelnorman | August 11, 2008


Nicholas (upon seeing an image of lava): Fire water, daddy, look! (Then, when switched back to the ocean:) And now it’s boat water!


Yesterday we went to Michael’s cousin’s home for dinner. Nicholas played with what I suppose would be his third cousin, Hayden, all night long but he insisted on calling him Cash.

We repeatedly tried to explain to Nicholas that this Hayden was not the same Hayden with the “matching brother” named Cash that he is accustomed to playing with. But poor Nicholas didn’t get it, and he just kept saying, “Hey Cash! I mean, uhhh, Hayden!”

Too many kids with the same name these days. It’s like that song “27 Jennifers”, except with Haydens. And only two. But what if we met more Haydens and Nicholas befriended them all? Wouldn’t that be weird for most of his friends to all have the same name? Then when he told us about them, he’d have to use their last names too? That’s not so bad. It’d be like a revival of using surnames more often in introductions.

It’s one of those days, forgive me. I slept till noon- yikes! But in my defense, Nicholas did too, sorta. He got up at like 5 am with Mike, then again at 7 am, then he stayed up, ate breakfast, and by 9, was ready to go back to sleep. I went all of last week just about without my synthroid because I kept forgetting to have it refilled. (Don’t tell my mom. Actually, she reads this, and I’m sure I’ll hear about it later.) And now that I finally have it and it’s getting back into my system, I find myself even more sluggish than usual. I think by the end of this week, I should be back to my old self again. I hope. Cause I’ve been feeling gross lately and I don’t know why.

Unexplained grossness is unfair.




  1. What? No synthroid!!!!!!! I guess you and Courtney are going to be the death of me yet.

    Whoa is me!!! What am I going to do with you??????????????

    I love you and I want you to talke care of yourself.



  2. okay, okay. dr’s appointment to be made at first opportunity. i promise.

  3. Yeah, I have house envy, too. Our day will come, sister. Our day will come.

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