Posted by: angelnorman | August 13, 2008


Things that gross/freak me out. Please share yours in the comment section. I’d love to read them.

1. The feeling of crushed velvet
2. Children chewing on their tee-shirts/any sort of cloth item
3. The thought of rocks in my mouth
4. Crumbs/pieces of stuff on the bottom of my feet (which happens all the time here since I rarely sweep)
5. Spiderwebs, but only the kind with leaves and dead bugs in them. I like the prettier ones.
6. Roscoe’s natural smell
7. Toilets. My kid being near a toilet, my kid needing to touch a toilet seat to hold himself up while going potty (He won’t sit on a papered toilet and when he says he has to go, there is no time for negotiation. So we just wash hands really, really, really thoroughly and then spray with Clean Well afterwards). A toilet with a dirty ring around it. Stuff on the outside of a toilet. Toilet lid covers. Did I mention I hate toilets?
8. The smell of ink.
9. Fish. I hate fish. I hate the way it smells, I hate thinking about where it comes from, I hate the thought of scales, and I shudder each time I picture gills on the sides of fish. I hate eating it, too, with exception of the milder ones like Mahi Mahi or Tilapia, which to me aren’t as fishy. I pretend it’s chicken and eat it fast if I have to eat it at all.
10. Bamboo silverware. I cannot put that dry wood in my mouth. It makes me want to gag.
11. That commercial where the fungus lifts up the toenail and digs into the nail bed. OH MY GOD. I want to vomit everytime.
12. Actually, any commercial that is about medical issues and shows images of skin, body organs, rashes, disease, etc. It’s so unnecessary to have visual images with medication. Simply list the symptoms and tell us you have something to fix it. Don’t show me animated fungi, please. It’s disgusting.
13. People clipping their nails near me. I am so afraid of other people’s nail clippings getting on me. Mike likes to clip his like right beside me practically every night and I always snap at him, but he never learns.
14. Testes.
15. Pubic hair.




  1. That is so funny! I so agree with #9 (can’t stand to eat or smell any seafood of any kind!), #11 (I cringe every time it comes on), #12.

  2. Everyone at work thinks i am a nut job because i love the smell of insulin….everytime someone drops a vial and it breaks on the tile, i come running…weird, but i love it

  3. and I like the smell of skunks..I’m a weirdo too.

  4. How funny! Angel, I swear, one day you will have the very best halibut you could ever imagine and you will CRAVE it. Then again, it has to be from an upscale, specialty joint for some outrageous price, which means I get to have it few and far between.

    I loathe cottage cheese. I hate cold pizza or meat of any variety. I hate those same commercials about the foot fungus. I am disgusted listening to some rude person talk about the food I am trying to eat as if my steak were a kitten in his or her lap (meaning when you go out to eat and someone dislikes meat so they talk constantly about it). I silently cuss slow drivers; I truly despise tailgaters. I dislike red wine. I can’t stand the way commercials come on so much louder than your chosen television program, which might I add is a violation of the fcc…though it happens anyway.

    And there you go. That’s what pops into my mind at the moment.

  5. Oh! I forgot to say I am clearly disliked at my neighborhood Kroger for forcing them to fix errors in the price when they ring up my food. I really hate errors “in the computer” versus the advertised price.

  6. I love this! I have laughed so hard. What I hate is when you have been throwing up and you are laying in the bed or on the couch watching TV and every other commercial is about food. Now don’t get me wrong I love to eat as everyone knows but when after you have puke your guts up I don’t know about anybody else but I do not want to see food commercials. YUCK!

  7. No, I’m with you. Seeing food commercials in general really grinds my gears anyways. I hate that advertisers think they have to show us everything we eat, in a way that is intended to make us crave it. And then our society has the NERVE to complain about all this obesity. I mean, c’mon people!

    But I suppose if we got rid of all the food, sex, medication, and cleaning products (bad for you cleaning products!) commercials, we’d have no one advertising anything. Beer counts as food. So seriously, what would be left?

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