Posted by: angelnorman | August 14, 2008

Are we there yet?

Tomorrow’s the official middle of August, though I suppose that’s debatable with the whole 31-days can’t technically be divided in half thing. At any rate, August is almost halfway over (pessimism. tsk.) and I find myself rather shocked that it’s gone so fast. It really still feels like the end of July to me. I wonder where all the time has gone.

And then I realize how busy we’ve been just by looking at the sheer volume of pictures I’ve taken. First playdate of August: click. Two birthday parties: click, click. Numerous park playdates: click, click, click. First day of school: click. I’ve managed to already have something like 500 pictures in my August ’08 folder and I’m 14 days in. Craziness!

It’s only getting better, too. I have no free days at all this weekend, what with craft nights, birthday parties, cookouts, and free family days at our local art museum. Then next weekend, I’ve already filled my calendar with two events, not to mention the fact that I’m trying to squeeze in more ME time this week with a doctor’s appointment (woo.) and a somewhat up-in-the-air girl’s night that I desperately need. I won’t bore you with any more details, but know this: I am one busy mofo this month. It’s nuts.

I also won’t subject you to 500 pictures either, but if you want to see some new ones, I’ve added a few to my August gallery. Apparently they are on the first page this time, as opposed to being on the third. I don’t feel like fixing it, so go here and see them. All but the last row of pics are new.

Um, and before I go, I just want to say that August is bringing Autumn with it this year. I normally don’t equate August with Autumn at all. I’m from Tennessee you know. We normally don’t see fall (namely fall weather) till at least the middle of October. Typically, August is our hottest month. But it’s been so lovely thus far, even downright chilly at night. And I’ve noticed that the leaves on some trees are already turning golden orange, which means that either fall is coming or that ridiculously hot July weather destroyed them. Probably the latter, but I’m excited anyways. I’m already having dreams of pumpkin picking and candy corn gorging and the smell of bonfires and apple cider!

I am welcoming September with open arms!


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