Posted by: angelnorman | August 15, 2008

Never gonna let you down.

I love this, and I had to share it.

No one can sing it like Rick, though.

I ❤ you, Barack Obama. You better never let me down though. Like, don’t break your promises. And don’t turn out to be the antichrist/someone who’s supposed to usher in the antichrist like my stepmom-in-law says you are. I’m not so worried about the end of the world, cause I know where I’m going. But we don’t want her to be right.

We want her to be wrong so that in 10 more years when something else makes her say, “The end is near!” we can say, “Yeah. That’s what you said about Obama/Exxon Speed Pay passes/Medical Record Chips, too, and look! Nothing happened.”


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