Posted by: angelnorman | August 18, 2008

Head: fuzzy, rest of me: covered in vomit

So this cold thing we have is still running rampant here. At 3 pm yesterday, we added vomiting to our list of “fun things to do”. Truthfully, no one’s throwing up except for poor Nicholas, who, according to the doctor this morning, is now borderline dehydrated. The doc ordered a chest xray to make sure we’re not dealing with pneumonia, and Nicholas did very well for that. The xray came out just fine, showed no signs of any major lung problems, thank the good Lord. But on our way back to the room, Nicholas got a chance to display his “vomitting that doesn’t stop” for the doctors, and all over Mike to boot.

It has not been a good time for any of us.

The doctor took a blood count, which Nick HATED but couldn’t cry about. He’s too lethargic from his lack of energy to be able to do much about anything. He winced, but he just laid there like he no longer cared about anything. I hate to see him so lifeless. He looks like his eyes are sunk into his head. He’s super pale too; it makes me so sad.

We’ve been given suppositories and have administered his first one already, at about 12:30; yeah, that went over well. But the poor guy couldn’t even cry about it, he just sort of winced again and looked at us like, “You have GOT to be kidding me.” First he gets his blood drawn, then he throws up all over the place, and then as if that wasn’t enough, his parents put his medicine where he is sure it’s not supposed to go. Today is just not his day.

As far as me, well I’m a worried, sobby mess. As far as my cold goes, I guess I’m managing. Still snotty. My nose is blistered from having to wipe/blow it so often. I have a cough now, too, usually brought on my a tickle in my throat every 3.5 seconds.

I’m just worried about my kid and this whole dehydration thing. Everything else is small beans.

The doctor said that if he continues to throw up through this afternoon and evening, we need to have him admitted at Vandy Children’s so they can treat his dehydration with IV fluids. I’m praying that he’ll stop throwing up for at least a few hours, just so we can say he’s gone more than 30 minutes with sprite on his stomach. And as long as he continues to urinate, I think we’ll be okay.

Pray for him, please. Actually, pray for all of us. We have a follow up appointment with our pediatrician again tomorrow, and it’s @ 10:45, 45 minutes after I’m supposed to have my ultrasound! I’m postponing the pelvic ultrasound till next week, though. I’ve not had any more cramps and I just think I need to concentrate more on Nick right now than I do on my possible cysts. Nothing they can do regarding cysts anyways except watch them. And poor Mike, he has to deal with all this and he’s running on like 2 hours of sleep. AND he is working! So yes, any prayers you want to throw our way will be welcomed.



  1. call me if you need anything

  2. Oh no!! I sure hope you all start feeling better really soon. Let me know if you need anything!

  3. yes, let me know too – sending healthy vibes and prayers your way!!!

  4. thank you, lovely friends. it’s nice to know we’re thought/cared about! your thoughts are more than enough right now. he’s doing a lot better, no doubt because of all the warm wishes and happy thoughts you’ve sent our way.
    love you, guys.

  5. I hope you both feel better quickly! Poor Nick! I’ll pray for you all for sure! After having to deal with blood work, suppositories, the last thing he needs is to have to deal with an IV! Let me know how ya’ll are doing! Take care!

  6. Oh no! I hope you guys get better real soon!!

  7. Layla and I are saying extra prayers for our little buddy, Nick. Ems has been keeping me updated. Love you and call if you need any little thing.


  9. I just found out that Nick is in the hospital. Praying that he comes home really soon.

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