Posted by: angelnorman | August 20, 2008


Nick is out of surgery now and is doing well, all things considered. We are back in our room, and recovering very nicely. He’s still sort of out of it thanks to the anasthesia (sp?) but he has opened his eyes once or twice, he’s even talked to us about how his belly WASN’T hurting 😉 He looks great; perhaps that’s because he’s finally resting peacefully for the first time in three whole days!

The surgery lasted just under two hours and according to the surgeon, the constricted bowel showed SIGNIFICANT improvement the minute that the scar tissue was removed– like it was very obviously under stress and then once the nasty scar tissue was taken out, the bowel almost immediately started returning to its normal pink color. And speaking of that, it was scar tissue from the NEC that he had when he was a preemie that caused this whole mess. It wasn’t in the same section of his belly, because the original section that was effected was removed when he was a month old.  BUT… They said if he would have waited another 12 to 24 hours before having surgery, the piece of bowel that had the scar tissue inside it may would have needed to be removed, just like the first go ’round.

So we are counting our blessings that we’ve finally arrived at this point where he can begin healing and feeling tons better; despite any initial tears shed over this surgery, we are more than confident that it was the right thing for Nick because he is looking so much better. I mean, so much better!

And get this; Nick isn’t stapled or stitched back up. He’s been glued! Isn’t that bizarre?! They widened his previous incision; it now goes all the way across his belly, and instead of stapling/stitching, they glued the incision back. They do that in about 50% of their surgeries because it doesn’t leave stitch marks or anything… it’s way neat. I was impressed by it. I trust it will heal very nicely.

We will be here for a week at least. We will not be able to be released until Nick processes his food, meaning that he drinks/eat solids and makes poop without issue. This is the same thing we went through beforehand. Also, there will be swelling and all sorts of things to deal with, but we’re on the road to recovery now. So yay for that!

 I’ll keep updating as we know more, obviously. He’s sleeping now and not much is going on to talk about.



  1. Yay! I love you all very much and am so relieved to hear it went well. Let us know when you’re ready for visitors!

  2. Praise the Lord! I have been hoping for a good-news update! I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this, Angel!

  3. Yay!! What a trooper! I am so glad everything went well!

  4. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and phone calls. God has truly placed all you wonderful people in our lives and we are so very thankful for you all.

    Please continue to pray that God will continue to heal my precious Nicholas he is truly a gift from God.

  5. As soon as you guys are ready for visitors, Hunter wants to come by. He’s going to draw a picture of “Mike” for Nick!

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