Posted by: angelnorman | August 21, 2008

Road to Recovery, Day One (AM)

The resident surgeon just got done making his morning rounds in here and he said the following:

He is hoping to remove Nick’s catheter. Nick will be able to go potty on his own again soon. (This was just removed, and all went well with that.)

Nick’s incision looks like it is healing superbly already.

He wants to remove some of Nick’s wires (not the IV or the NG tube just yet) and he hopes that, if Nick feels like it, we can walk around the room, sit in a chair, etc. I forsee us riding tricycles down the hall or taking a stroll to the playroom in no time 🙂

He thinks the NG tube will be here for a little longer but not a terribly long time. He said that it’s not suctioning a ridiculous amount of stomach fluids anymore, so we’re thinking there’s no backup of fluids in there as it was prior to the surgery, praise the good Lord for that! Now don’t expect that the tube will be out of his nose if you come by today. He, I’m sure, would be thrilled to get it out of there, but alas! The NG tube will have to stay for a day or two more for sure, because otherwise the belly could become distended (swollen) and that wouldn’t be good. So while it’s pulling things off the belly and keeping it empty, Nick is resting easy and they’d like to see that continue a while longer if possible. Nick doesn’t seem to mind the tube by this point, though, honestly; mostly due in part to the fact that he’s got his “happy meds” keeping him from caring about much, lol. I just know that it is super irritating for him and I’d love to see my baby’s face again without any wires and tubes…

The PIC line (I’m not sure if it’s PIC or PICK or PIK– but it’s pronounced “pick”) has still not been placed. For those not aware, the surgeon wanted to place a pic line to get him some nutrition started. It’s a line that will be inserted into his arm and then thread up the artery to his heart. They will need to sedate Nicholas to place this, but I’m thinking they wanted to wait a day to let him come out of anesthesia from the surgery before doing any more of it to place the line. When the surgeon who performed the surgery comes by today, we’ll know more about that I’m sure… it just may be awhile because he’s obviously going to be in surgery all day and will either have to fit us in for a consult between surgeries or will need to wait till his nightly rounds.


They increased his morphine a smidge, and we’ve been instructed to let him rest as much as possible today so we’re making good use out of our pain med pump. One one hand we definitely don’t want him to get too loopy so that when he’s able to walk around, he can; but on the other hand, we want him to remain as comfortable as possible. Pain inhibits healing, and we certainly don’t want him to have any pain. So timing the morphine pump is hard but they’re also adding Tylenol and Advil to our routine to ease his discomfort even more and also to bring down his slightly elevated temp (it’s averaging about 99.5). The goal for today though is not to have him walking and talking and being super awake. The goal today is to rest as much as possible so that he can heal as fast as possible. There is time for being awake and social later!

An anesthesiologist came by and talked to me also this morning and said that she believes he did really well last night, and she was delighted to hear that it helped him rest as long as it has. She said that she believes that the anesthesia from the surgery is mostly out of his system by now, so the only thing that he has helping him to stay comfortable right now is the narcotics. And that’s a good thing, because it shows that he is responding well to them and that his dosages are correct, etc.


Living out of suitcases, especially living in a hospital room, is a tough thing to go through. We are so tired of terrible hospital food. Just to give you an idea of how much we’re tired of it: I’m craving a big old bottle of water and a salad for the first time in a long time. HA! I feel bloated and gross, mainly due to the food but also because we have such an unpredicatable eating schedule here. Like we didn’t eat dinner till 9 pm last night. But that should regulate now that we’re not being rushed off to surgery, etc. We’re in a permanent place.

We never had to stay much with Nick the first time, since he was in NICU and there was no parent sleeping area or anything, so this is all so new to us. We are super thankful to Shea, Jen, and Emily for bringing us reading material and things to snack on. Breakfast was nice this morning. I’d been dying for normal food and a bagel hit the spot. We even had our first cup of coffee in DAYS this morning… which I intend to enjoy more when I’m done blogging with the new IKEA catalog courtesy of my pal Ems. 🙂

Just pray that we’re able to keep our sanity here, ’cause it’s like being on a really long and grueling non-fun vacation. Mike and I will manage though; I’m more concerned for Nick.

“Mommy,” he whispered a minute ago.

I rushed over to his bedside and said, “Yes baby?”

“Mommy, I’m scared.” When I asked him what he was scared of, he answered, “Of being in the hospital.” But before I could burst into tears, he said, “Hey. Do you remember those polka dot things?”

Me: “What polka dot things?”

Nick: “Those things on tv that I wanted that you said I couldn’t have.”

L. O. L.

He’s referring to Aqua Dots I think they’re called, whose slick commercials tempt my child every single time that he sees them. It’s one of those “As Seen On TV” things that Nick always raves about after he sees the commercials. “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT,” he said the last time he saw one of those awful commercials– I think it was for the Zero Gravity racecar that drives up the walls. That I’d consider were he not three. It’s an r/c car and he’d be all, “I can’t do it!” and pitching a tee-total fit if it didn’t do exactly what he wanted, you know. But no aqua dots, not ever.

They were recalled, by the way.

P.S. Nick would like me to thank everyone who has brought super fun toys, stuffed animals, and really cool balloons for him to enjoy. He has been touching everything, though he’s been unable to sit up much and play today. Soon, though, we’ll be coloring and playing with our cars and making play-doh sculptures like nobody’s business!



  1. YAY!! So glad to hear he’s doing well..I can’t wait to see his little face again back to normal on Monday!

  2. Hey angel. uncle pat told us about nicholas. glad to hear is doing better. i hope he continues to do so well.

  3. Ya’ll take care. I know it’s not easy being stuck there! It was long ago, but I still remember being there with Abby for almost a whole week when she was only 6 days old. We were holed up in that room what seemed like forever and yes, the food sucks. How much longer are ya’ll going to be there or do you know?? If there is anything I can do, just let me know. I’ll keep praying for ya’ll and that sweet little boy! Do ya’ll have a DVD player in the room? If so, maybe ya’ll can have some movies brought in. Is there anything you would like or need? I work downtown and I can drive in tomorrow and bring you whatever. I may get lost getting there, but I’m sure I can find it if need be! You just let me know.

  4. I do not know you , but my Aunt Gail Evans sent this to me requesting prayers for Nicholas. We are praying for you and your family!! May God bless you with his everlasting love, guidance and strength.

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