Posted by: angelnorman | August 25, 2008

Small beans.

This morning at 7 am, Nicholas was allowed his liquid diet again. He had two sips of cranberry juice and an hour later, he was still doing well enough to want to eat his jell-o. He ate half of the serving of cherry flavored gelatin before telling me, “Okay, that is enough.” 🙂 He is apparently a man who knows his limits now. He’s been sleeping ever since, so we’re not sure if he’s going to hold the food all day, continuing to be able to eat at the next meal. We’re hoping that he does though.

We think he might be getting his night and day confused because he’s sleeping less and less at night and more during the day the longer we are here. Mike and I slept maybe 4 hours last night, in 1-hour increments of course. And sleeping is not the only thing that’s out of whack for poor Nicholas though. He is also not telling us when he needs to potty as much as he normally would and is intead going right in his pull-up. Le sigh. This is not good for me considering we JUST perfected the potty-training. But oh well.

I imagine that it will take us a full week after we’re out of this place to get back on a schedule that is reminiscent of the way things should be. The important thing is that he is progressing, as well as can be expected. Prayers are being said, and heard, and answered. And that is all that really matters. The rest is small beans.


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