Posted by: angelnorman | August 26, 2008


… for hundreds of people praying for Nick. I mean, prayer requests have stretched even further than I could ever imagine; people in other states are whispering his name when they pray, and that amazes the heck out of me.

… for progress. Continuous progress, even if it is slow.

… for lessons learned. For being grounded, humbled, by this situation.

… for maturity.

… for friends and family and endless support from those vessels. I will never be able to repay them, but I do intend to try.

… for the feeling of wind blowing across my face. And for flowers. And for sunshine and rain.

… for my kid’s good health, especially in comparison to other people’s health. It could always be worse, and I’m thankful it’s not.

… for laughter, and stamps and stickers, and coloring books and crayons, and bubbles.

… for Curious George. I wouldn’t get a chance to blog were it not for an episode of Curious George holding Nick’s attention right now (and making him giggle).

… for new pajamas. So soft…

… for obvious blessings. See for yourself:

Maybe this gallery will work for you. I hope, ’cause I’d like you all to see how he is improving. I’d like you to see him living a semi-normal life, playing with his friends, etc. I’d like to share with you my family, so that you can see that we are blessed to be where we are in our life, and that we, despite whatever rants come from me through this medium, know that we’ve got it good. We’re some of the luckiest people ever, and we know it. And we know why.



  1. Yay for you getting your butt outside! Ready for the next set of Avatar DVDs yet?

  2. so glad you got outside! woot! and its so awesome to see all those pictures together….wow.

  3. You deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way. You have always been there for us in these times..and now I pray that everyone will continue to be there for you. I’m glad Nick is doing so well…I miss seeing you in my home though hanging out..LOL When you get out of the hospital, you can come over anytime…PJ’S PLEASE!!! I love those black pants! I’m actually jealous because I don’t have a comfy pair like that…:( LOVE YOU LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOU

  4. I’M SO GLAD NICK IS FEELING BETTER!!!! AND YOU GOT OUTSIDE!!! Good for you! Nick looks like he is doing so good! I’m really happy for ya’ll! And still praying! Hopefully you can get out of there soon! Love ya!

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