Posted by: angelnorman | August 28, 2008


Got out of jury duty: check.

Camera emptied of its 304 pictures: check.

Off to see my sister in law and my newest little nephew. And to take more pictures! I can’t wait to hold him and snuggle him! Yay babies.

Just a little note so that you know I’m not ignoring you if you’ve requested me to let you know when I’m home, or for me to call you or whatever. It’s just that life didn’t stop, and now I’m playing catch-up 🙂 So I will have to see you all later!

And if you could please let people know that we’re home for me, that would be great. Then I wouldn’t have to tell everyone individually that we were released and such. Plus, I don’t want people calling the hospital looking for us! We’re not there… we’re um, at a different hospital loving on a different child 🙂 At least for tonight.

One day at a time.



  1. So glad you guys, well are kinda home. Congrats on the new niece/ nephew.

  2. woot! glad to have you back in the neighborhood.

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