Posted by: angelnorman | August 29, 2008

Latest Projects: Hymnal Vase and DIY Child’s Artwork

Old Hymnal Vases:

New artwork for Nick’s walls:

The vases were made for the women’s ministry luncheon at my mom’s church several Sundays ago now. My mom and I came up with the plan together, and we made these the weekend before Nick was hospitalized. It’s sort of a throw back to what we did on my last girls’ night in, except this time, I did vases instead of votives. We simply placed two pages from a dilapidated hymnal my mom was hanging on to on each “side” of the cylinder and decoupaged them on. Not much happening there, really, but I thought it was a good idea nonetheless.

The pics were inspired by some artwork I saw during one of my journeys into the blogosphere, so right here on the intrawebs! I happened upon one site– Ohdeedoh perhaps– that showed some artwork with words that caught my eye right away. It is very simply a painted canvas that you write a list of the things you love on. I painted Nick’s canvases a barn red and with a white paint pen, I jotted down everything he loved in my best attempt at cursive writing. It just had to be cursive though; I wanted a scripted look to oppose the “ABC” (which I also made, obviously) and the “Nicholas” prints. So it basically states all he loves- kicking kickballs, watching movies, hitting homeruns, working a puzzle, building towers, etc.

Just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to OTHER than the whole worry myself to death over my poor baby who’s had yet another abdominal surgery hospital thing.



  1. Great job on the paintings for budz room! I had a good time doing the hymnal vases. We need to do that more often! We need to hang out if you have some time this weekend or just real soon. Maybe we can go and stalk Courtney at work. LOL!

    I love you Angel.


  2. I love them! Those hymnal vases are very very cool….My Grandfather would love one of those…since he’s the music starter of the family….I might make one of those for his music room! Thanks!
    P.S. or I could just buy one off of ya! LOL

  3. awesome art work & vases! great job! glad ya’ll are home safe and sound!

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