Posted by: angelnorman | August 31, 2008

Take a load off, Fanny.

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone. Hope yours is as fantastic as mine has been so far.

We’ve been hanging out, avoiding the phone and the computer at all cost (well, until now) and enjoying time with our family. Our only goal this weekend was to kick back and relax and just enjoy time off, to take pleasure in the simple things and all that jazz. Of course, Mike is on call and having to work every now and then, but that’s beside the point. We’re still managing to have a great weekend of just being together, free of the hospital, in the moment with one another; we’re thanking God for the many blessings in our lives, and enjoying ourselves no matter what we do.

We intend to do much of the same tomorrow: sit around and just be.

Remember to find some time tomorrow if you haven’t already done so this weekend to kick your feet up and relax. It is severely important.

In other news… Isn’t this idyllic?

I love cousins. Seeing my niece play with and care for Nick all day just warmed my heart and made me miss my cousins like I’ve never missed them before. It took me right back to when I was a child, and I looked forward to Labor Day weekend so much because it meant camping (in real tents!) at my Aunt Vicki’s house with my cousins. It meant staying up all night and giggling and waking up bright and early for my Uncle Bill’s french toast. It meant having a big ol’ family cookout later on that Monday, and eating until I was ready to pop.

And today, it meant something similar, minus the camping bit, to Nick. Having a good time playing with cousins, enjoying a big ol’ barbecue down by the river, playing in the sand and riding on the four-wheelers. It was lovely.

I love family.



  1. that sounds so nice and peaceful! glad you all got to enjoy it! love the pic!

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