Posted by: angelnorman | September 4, 2008

It can’t all be wedding cake.

Try not to act too shocked or anything, but I’m having one of those days.

It was my “make up” day, a day I was setting aside for myself to make up for the fact that I totally blew all my me-time on Tuesday with my moping and such. My friend Ems had invited me to have lunch with her, so I figured I could use the entire day to just do ME stuff.

Lucky for you, I documented this with pictures.

It started off well. I was happy. Bubbly even. I cheerfully dressed Nick for school this morning, choosing his favorite t-shirt and shorts for him. Everyone was in a good mood and ready for the day, despite having some issues last night with not sleeping well. After he was dressed, I merrily packed his backpack with extra clothes and an extra sippy cup. I happily packed him a lunch, complete with heart-shaped napkin and cookie-cutter sandwich that I had to make two of once he caught on to the fact that it was a dinosaur. (He had to have one for breakfast, too, of course.) I dropped him off at school. This time he kissed me goodbye. So all was well… or so I thought.

I gots skillz.

Mad skillz.

I drove up to Starbucks in the ‘boro and waited in a crazy long drive-thru, but my pumpkin spice latte was totally worth it. There are three treats I look forward to every autumn– pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, pumpkin squares with cream cheese icing from Walden Farm, and hot apple cider. Since I love autumn, having a pumpkin spice latte was like having a little bit of heaven. The wind was sort of crisp and cool (typical of morning), and it almost felt like it was October. Almost.

Mmm, coffee.

Then I smelled something odd.

So I looked at the dash only to find that my car was overheated. Not “overheating” because that implies that its temperature was in the process of rising. No. We were full out overheated. No steam coming from the engine or anything– yet. But this is the second time in the past two weeks that it’s happened, so you know what that means. Houston, we have a leak.

Since I was at my destination anyhow, I decided to turn the car off, finish my coffee, and then call Mike and ask his advice. I’ve never dealt with car problems well, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t get burned. He gave me step-by-step instructions, I filled the radiator with water (burn free!), the temp returned to normal and I went on my merry way.

Oh. My. God.

Which means that I shopped. And I bought some clothes for myself, woohoo! Only, I couldn’t find what I really needed- shoes. Not even at Payless, and typically, I always find something cute there.

C'mon, people, work with me.

Shoe source? ‘Cha right.

I came home and re-filled my water jug in case I needed to refill the radiator a second time while I was out with Ems. Mike met me outside and popped the hood almost immediately. He wanted to “check” the radiator for me, which I translated to mean that he didn’t trust that I replaced the cap properly and wanted to make sure I didn’t break something. I snapped a picture of him because I loved that he was outside, barefoot in the gravel, in his lounge clothes, working on the car with a bluetooth headset thing in his ear. It was very high-tech redneck of him.

It's not coolant, but it'll do in a pinch as my Granny would say.

Hands off, ladies. He's mine. Aren't I lucky?! (Yes. I totally am.)

So I went to lunch with Ems and talked her into getting pedicures. Finally, my day was looking up. What could be better than hanging with my dearest friend Ems?

My face is big, comparatively.

We had a great time, our toes looked marvelous, and then I had to rush back to Nick’s school to pick him up. Our time was cut much too short, but since she has kids in school everyday, we have plenty of time to hang out on shared days off this semester 🙂

So I was wearing those disposable flip flops that you get when you get a pedi, and I thought, Well I can’t wear these into the school. So I felt my toenails– they were perfectly dry (as they should have been because they had painted them like 15 minutes beforehand)– and I put my normal old flats back on my feet so that I could go in and get Nick from his class.

I came back out, took off my shoes to show Nick what I’d done today, and he said, “You should have done red!” I was like, Uh, this is close enough and should I worry that you have an opinion on my toenail color and you’re only 3?! Seriously, kid. If you can’t say something nice…

So I went to put the flip flops back on, just as a precaution, and OMG. Apparently, my shoes are ninjas that like to sneak attack by rubbing the expensive toenail polish right off my toes just as soon as I was certain that they were safe. I say this because my two big toes were completely destroyed. They weren’t when I first displayed them to Nick like two minutes beforehand. I just don’t get it. I wanted to cry, seriously. I mean, I am already on the edge today (um, this whole month, really)– and now my $26 pedicure and my plum colored nail polish was ruined!


Bad pic, I know, but you get the gist of it.

All this in just 6 little hours. Ouch. My head hurts!

Thank God it’s mom’s night out night tonight. I need time another break today something fierce. Phew.


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