Posted by: angelnorman | September 7, 2008

My moon, my man.

Nick: When I grow up, I’m going to be a big tall man like Daddy. See him? (points to Mike’s picture on the wall) He’s a man.
Me: If daddy is a man, then what is mommy?
Nick: A mermaid.


Nick: Remember when I was in the hospital and the doctors made me cry?
Me: Yes! (so. sad.) What did they do to you?
Nick: (Reassuring tone) Oh, they didn’t hurt me though.
Me: But what did they do?
Nick: They put a spikey thing in my winky (catheter) and medicine for my body in my butt.
Me: Yes, but it was to help you. Doctors are there to help us.
Nick: Yeah. When I grow up, I have to be a doctor.
Me: You want to be a doctor?
Nick: So I can help people. Like kids and stuff.
Me: *jaw dropped*


Me: What should we get Gran for her birthday?
Nick: A pirate party.
Me: No. That’s your birthday. What should we get Gran as a gift?
Nick: Power Rangers?
Me: I don’t think she’d like that. Think about what she might want, like a gift card to Hobby Lobby? How does that sound?
Nick: Hobbylobby? That’s a funny word.
Me: It’s a place Gran likes. Should we give her money to shop there?
Nick: Um. No. How about Chewbacca? (holds up Chewbacca toy from McDonalds)
Me: No. She doesn’t want Chewbacca. I think we should do the Hobby Lobby gift card.
Nick: Stop saying Hobby Lobby.


Me: Where would you like to eat?
Nick: How ’bout Nick Donalds?
Me: Excuse me? Did you just say Nick Donalds?
Nick: (refuses to talk)
Me: No, say it again! It’s okay. I just didn’t hear you. (Lies. All lies.)
Nick: Nick Donald’s.
Me: (laughing) It’s “MICK”, muh-mick, McDonald’s.
Nick: (with a look that says, “yeah right”) No, it’s not, Crazy.


Here is a sample of Nick’s latest artwork. I scanned this because it was drawn on a birthday card for my mom, and since I couldn’t keep it (and since it’s the first time he’s ever drawn people), I figured that I should save this forever and ever. I particularly love how Mike’s legs are WAY long and how his face is way jacked up. I think I’m the prettiet, naturally. And my mom looks like a ghost– but in Nick’s defense, he drew that one first.

I really think it’s hilariously good, but of course I would because I’m just so stinkin’ proud that he is finally “into” art enough to want to draw people. It’s a subtle milestone that most people probably think nothing about, but for someone who loves creativity as much as I do, this is a big deal. I mean, he actually asks to draw now. How cool is that? That art-time at school with his friends is rubbing off on him.


And before I go… our family pic of the week.



  1. LOL, aww, I needed that tonight. Thanks for the laughs. Drawing stick figures is an awesome milestone! I think it’s really interesting that both women’s faces are prominent.

  2. I know! He drew my mom first, then me, (Don’t I sort of look like a pumpkin? Just a little? He’s got Halloween on the brain apaprently) and then it was as if, by the time he got to the “men”, he was just tired of drawing, lol. Aw, my sweetness. I love him. He is an endless source of entertainment.

  3. The birthday gift conversation cracked me up. lol Kids are sooo funny at this age!
    Julianna was calling my brother in laws new pup Bandit, ‘Bandaid’ today. I asked her what she called him and got all quiet and started laughing. lol

  4. love the conversations! especially when he told you to quit saying Hobby Lobby and Nick Donalds, that’s classic!

  5. I absolutely love this post. I love making a note of those little conversations. Ahhh. I think he drew Mike’s face all jacked up b/c he has a beard. Loved also when he told you to stop saying Hobby Lobby!!

  6. this is what makes me want to have kids…so they can crack me up all the time. those convos with nick are absolutely awesome.

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