Posted by: angelnorman | September 9, 2008

Is it an election year? I hadn’t noticed.

I’m not really going to talk about the election. This is just going to be my new response to anyone anytime politics come up. “We’re supposed to elect a president? Oh crap. How long have we been doing it like that?”

Actually I’m just so sick of hearing/reading about it that when I do come to an actual discussion of politics, I just feel exasperated. I shrug a lot and mumble about how it’s “picking the lesser of two evils, that’s all”. I am so sick of hearing about Sarah Palin. And I am sick to death of people not wanting to vote for McCain because “he’s old”, or Obama because “he’s inexperienced”, or if you’re a member of my family, “he’s the antichrist”. I am just not very hyped for this election.

I’m not even going to tell you who I am voting for, but I will give you a hint. He’s black, he can dance, and his name rhymes with Schmo-Schmama.


What I really wanted to blog about today was that it is becoming increasingly apparent that in the past few weeks, I have found a way to cure my insufferable laziness. It’s called “Mother’s Day Out”. I get so much more accomplished when Nick is in school than I have been able to do in years, people. It’s amazing. Nick is learning, I’m keeping the house semi-clean and getting the grocery shopping and errands done in a timely fashion.

Everyone is winning with this– except for my wallet. But she’ll survive. She always does.

I was just sitting today at Smith Brothers and thinking about how I’ve never really been like this. Since becoming a mom, I’ve had to share a car with my husband, so errands were always done last minute and never without Nick. I mean, grocery shopping before this meant dragging Nick in with me, getting one of those God-awful carts at Kroger that doesn’t even fit in the dang checkout lane, etc. Going to the post office meant unbuckling him, forcing him to stand in line patiently, rebuckling him. I’ve never just “run” in to a store or done an errand leisurely.

I think it’s from all these years of having to rush around with a toddler in tow– in and out of the store/bank/post office as quick as possible, trying to make it home before dinner, before bedtime, before we had a meltdown– that has made me really appreciate today the most. It is NICE to be able to take my time. I think this is why today is so awesome to me.

That, and it was like 75 degrees outside all morning. Perfect fall weather. Couldn’t have dreamed up a nicer day, really.

Oh! Before I go… look how clean my car is. No more broken goldfish cracker crumbs smooshed into the carpet. No more french fries. No more empty milk jugs (gross, Mike! throw them away when you are done with them, dude.) No bookbags in the floor board, no straw wrappers haphazardly strewn about, no dirty clothes on the backseat, no old glass frappucino bottles hiding under the driver’s seat. (My bad, yall.) But there are two skittles that have apparently become one with the carpet in the backseat of my car. Oh well. Can’t be perfect.

Besides, it’s all temporary, just like everything in life.

Ain’t she a beaut’, all things considered? Maybe you should have seen it before to really be impressed. It was nothing short of awful.

Mostly clean as a whistle. I wouldn't eat off the floor or anything, though.



  1. Or it’s awesome cause it’s my birthday. ha

  2. Yes! It could also be that. Maybe September 9th is ALWAYS magical because of your birthday, and I’ve just never noticed before! 😀 Probably because I haven’t had a distraction-free time until now! LOL

    Hope your birthday is going good. Got any big plans for tonight?

  3. Pizza Hut dinner..LOL Nothing big..we did all that earlier I guess. Maybe your day was awesome because of something in the date. 9-9…any month that has that number by the day is awesome…Look Out October 10th!

  4. I agree with you Angel. I am tired of it already.

    On the other subject, MDO is a lifesaver, so I better be finding another one fast. However, I hate to admit, my free time is usually spent sniggling up with Lola for a nap! LOL. Not really productive…but dang it feels so sweet to sleep next to my baby’s fat little cheeks. I have to ignore her boney little butt, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

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