Posted by: angelnorman | September 10, 2008

Update on Nick.

Today Nicholas and I went to see a pediatric surgeon at Vandy for a follow-up appointment. Because of the weird time of 10:55 AM, Nicholas and I had to miss our playdate with our playgroup AND deal with weird 21st Avenue traffic (though I’m not sure that any appointment at any time of day would have saved me from that hot mess now that school is in session.)

I assumed we’d be seeing one of the fellas that performed the operation, but instead, we found ourselves in a general pediatric surgery office with two people who’d never even seen my kid. Fine, I thought. The other dudes are in surgery, I understand that. No big deal.

Doctor #1– I assume he’s a doctor; that is how he introduced himself and he was wearing a white coat and all– says, “So, Ms. Norman. What’s the problem?”

Me: “Um… nothing.”
Doctor #1: “Nothing? He’s just fine?”
Me: “As far as I know, this is just a follow-up from surgery. So yeah, fine. Normal eating, normal bowel movements. Scar looks great. Surgery was a success and he’s had no problems since then.”

Doctor #1 precedes to look Nicholas over, listening to his belly, checking his scar, etc. “Okay, Dr. J will be in here in a minute.”

Dr. J comes in with Doctor #1. “So how’s he doing?”

Me: “He’s fine.” (I’m getting tired of saying this.)
Dr. J: “No problems?”
Me: “No.”
Dr. J: “Normal bowel movements?”
Me: “Had one this morning, so yeah.”
Dr. J: “Normal eating habits?”
Me: “Yes.”

Dr. J then looks at Nick’s belly and gives us the green light to go home. All is well, he says. All I can think is big fat duh.

I hate that Vandy does that to me. I mean, I repeat the same stuff over and over and over again every time I go there. It’s like, why can’t the one doctor I talked to first just tell the second doctor that everything is fine and we skip the repeat stories? Or how about we see JUST one doctor? Learning school schmearning school.

The worst thing? We were there for all of 15 minutes! I drove 45 minutes to Vandy for a 15 minute appointment. Then 45 minutes back home.

But really we didn’t go right back home. Since we were in Green Hills, we went to lunch at one of our favorite places. Guess where that is, haha.


Question: How much go-gurt is too much?

Nicholas can’t stop eating his “Batman yogurt” after the first tube is gone. He wants more, usually a blue one if he had pink first or vice versa. So then he gets his second tube. Then he decides after that one that one more would really be awesome.

It could be worse, right? It could be candy.

Except… have you had it? It tastes disgusting, not at all like real yogurt with fruit. No, this is like colored sugar goo.

Still: yogurt is good for his intestines, and I prefer it as a snack for him compared to say, fruit snacks or something.

***Yeah, we got our haircut this afternoon.



  1. That little hair cut is precious budz. You are so cute. Gran loves you!

  2. Yay healthy! So our trick for tubes of yogurt around here is to freeze them. When she wants one I chop it in half (which it looks like you already do.)

  3. glad he’s ok, I know that feeling of driving forever for about 15 minutes of repeating yourself, it stinks. love his haircut! he’s too cute!

  4. Hair looks cute, and I agree…as silly or ill-informed as it might sound on my part, I would feel all paranoid about letting him have ANYTHING that I might fear could clog up anything. LOL! So the fruit snacks would have me on high alert, because I already just picture them melting inside the body and forming a large fruit snack wall with my own kids. LOL!

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