Posted by: angelnorman | September 12, 2008

Things that have made me cry in the last 48 hrs

1. Michael and I were play-fighting and I got hurt
2. The birth scene on Knocked Up
3. Nicholas telling me that people at school just ignore him
4. Thinking about Stephanie Nielsen and her family
5. Thinking about Nick turning 4
6. Thinking about how small he was when he was first born
7. An e-card I got from my grandmother
8. The recalling of 9/11
9. How filthy my house is and how no one ever helps me take care of anything
10. Missing my Granny, whose 89th birthday would be coming up really soon (Sept. 26th) were she still alive.
11. Having the outfit that my Granny wore to the hospital, the last outfit as it were, offered to me by my mom and aunt.
12. Chopping onions.

I’m very reactive these days.



  1. ahhhhhh! Aare you secretly preggers? Just kidding. These are all legit reasons to bust a cry. Hope things look up soon!

  2. Heh.. Preggers? It’s doubtful. I’m just emo.

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