Posted by: angelnorman | September 14, 2008

The one where I gush about autumn, my favorite season.

Things I love: slicing apples, making a pie crust from scratch, rolling out dough, layering the apples on the dough and sprinkling them with cinnamon and sugar, and making an apple pie. Yes, a warm and gooey cinnamony sweet apple pie. Tonight I made my first of the season, my first ever from scratch. Oh what fun it is to bake– well, when everything goes right.

I couldn’t help myself. I needed to do something autumny, and I may have also watched Waitress tonight, which is one of my favorite movies, and I was in a pie sort of mood. I’m not really a baker. Practically everything I try ends up either burnt or bland. But this? This recipe I found online seemed so easy that I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Bonus: I had all the supplies on hand… except for a pie plate. Who doesn’t have a pie plate?! Me, apparently. I was so bummed when my cabinet search yielded nothing even resembling something round in which I could bake a pie. So I adjusted my recipe, as I always do, to fit my needs and voila! A squared apple pie. Apple Pie Squared, yes, that’s what I’ll call it. 

She's beautiful.

It was mucho delicioso. I may try it a la mode tomorrow and let you know if it gets any better. If that’s even possible.

I’m positively giddy these days with the changing temperatures. Thrilled by the fact that we’re not supposed to hit the mid-80s at all this week, I find myself looking forward to pumpkin farm visits, apple orchard trips, roadtrips to the mountains, camping in the woods, making large pots of beef stew or chili to share with friends and family, drinking cider, and wearing long sleeves. Oh, sweaters! I miss you so much. And I’ve been dreaming of Autumn Equinox, which is a week from tomorrow actually, and traditionally it is the first day of the season on which I will make porkchops and rustic applesauce for my boys and decorate the house for autumn.

I’ve also sort of been daydreaming of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I’m making plans already, believe it or not. Costume planning, house decorating, trick-or-treating– it’s all been thought of, trust me.

There’s just something about this time of year.

Our most favorite local pumpkin farm opens this weekend, Saturday to be exact, and we’ve made plans to get there early to explore it, weather permitting. There’s rain in the forecast, but only a small chance of precipitation so I’m hopeful. Nicholas has been begging to go, so I know he’ll be pleased.

I think we’ll try to go apple-picking this week. Maybe tomorrow.


I added pics to the Pics page in two galleries: My mom’s 47th birthday celebrations and our September 2008 gallery. You can see that I just located the B&W and Sepia settings on my camera, ha!



  1. That pie looks delicous! Good job! BTW, I love fall, as well.

  2. I just finished cooking our third bag of Apples yesterday. I have made 2 jars of Applesauce and a jar of cooked apples to put on ice cream. Now I have a huge rubbermaid container full of cooked apples, might do the apple pie, looks yummy.

  3. You have Autumn down there?? You need to come up here and see what fall is all about!! lol Your winter is our early fall. Spoiled southerners!! j/k Your pie looks marvelous by the way. I can almost smell it! mmmmm

  4. Dusty: Fall is splendid. We should get together and have some sort of Harvest party next month. Or hey! Maybe you and the girls could come to the pumpkin patch with us one day in the next month or so?
    Amber: That is so awesome! I was thinking of making extra applesauce for this year too, but now that I’ve made a pie I’m pretty sure that I’d rather just have said pie 😛 What can I say? I love me some pie! Where do you get your apples? I’m thinking of going to Breeden’s in Mt. Juliet to pick my own. They’re not organic, though.
    Krissy: Yes, yes. We are spoiled. We would die in real wintry conditions. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but no one here even drives in snow. Those who do… well let’s just say they don’t do it well. We had a “snowstorm” (meaning we got more than 2 inches) a few years back and my husband didn’t get home ttill 8 pm. He left his work, 30 minutes away, at 4 pm. The interstates were at a standstill, not because of accidents, but because of silly people. Pfft.
    Anyways, I think most southerners love fall so much simply because we’re so thankful to not have 100-degree weather down here for a change 🙂 Every day for the past three months, the temperatures have been over 90 (or so it seems), and 75 is like, literally, a breath of fresh air. Finally we can breathe and not feel like we’re dying! No pollutants, no humidity. Just nice clean, crisp, autumnal air. 🙂
    The pie was super easy btw. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

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