Posted by: angelnorman | September 17, 2008


I am so worn out.

Nicholas is doing this thing where he isn’t sleeping anymore.

He has maybe one night a week where he is a normal sleeper. He goes to bed at nine pm, happily ready to bundle up and dream the night away. He sleeps till 7:30 or so the next morning and wakes up completely well-rested.

Then there are nights where he goes to bed at nine and doesn’t actually fall asleep till after midnight. He lies there for 3 hours, playing with whatever stuffed animals have made it into his bed or perhaps getting up to get more toys. Whatever he wants, he just gets up and gets it.

Then there are even more nights where he might go to sleep in an hour but then wakes up repeatedly throughout the night, whining and crying for blankets, hugs, kisses, a different stuffed animal, water, etc.

Mike and I are at our limit. We simply don’t sleep anymore.

Perfect timing, really. Keeps us from getting spoiled and then being, as Mike says, “decimated” when things don’t go as planned. Hehe.



  1. I feel for you baby. Thankfully, my kids are sleeping well these days, but in the very end of 2006/beginning of 2008, Miles went through a phase of waking up screaming every single night after we moved. I pray this gets better for you.

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