Posted by: angelnorman | September 19, 2008

Friday Afternoon Videos

by Emily Hartley

I told myself I wouldn’t get mixed up in this mayhem and foolishness, but here I am anyways with my top votes for what would play were I picking the vids.

I can’t say I ever watched Friday Nights Videos, at least I don’t remember it if I did. But how can I resist the chance to relive my youth and post something made by my favorite 80s band, Heart.

The Wilsons are by far the two coolest chicks ever, besides me and my mom.

These Dreams:


Who Will You Run To:

And my favorite…


“Never” has always been a personal anthem to me. It was by far my favorite song when I was 6, and it still remains one of those power ballads that I just can’t resist.

Thank you to Ems for re-igniting the passion of the music video in me.



  1. I’ve seen these a lot lately when I’ve been watching VH1 Classic “Totally 80’s”. Great monuments in pop music history. Love me some HEART.

  2. yes. yes. yes, yes.


    I myself hated all those silly blog-particiapation things, until i decided to create my own of course. I about peed my pants when i saw you’d joined in. WOOT. i am so excited.

    And I almost picked ‘Never’ as my very first video whe i first started this thing, you know, way back. like three weeks ago.

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