Posted by: angelnorman | September 19, 2008

Nicholas the mulch-thrower.

Yesterday I went to pick Nick up from school. As I crouched on the floor beside my sleeping boy, Mrs. S said to me, “Angel, I just thought you might like to know that Nicholas played with Nathan today. Several times throughout the movie, I saw them giggling together and talking. I just thought you’d might like to know that he wa splaying today just fine.”

Great, I thought. I am now officially the mom who takes everything her child says literally, frets about it, then addresses it with the teachers. They know I’m this way, hence why she’s trying to reassure me today that Nicholas does indeed have friends. I felt myself get a little embarrassed that I had addressed anything at all with them on Tuesday about Nicholas’s social behaviors. Now they think I’m going to want a detailed description of his day every single day.

But just as I was starting to offer up an apology for my quick-to-worry behavior, saying things like, “I am probably just paranoid but it’s hard for me…”, Mrs. S continued with, “This is Nathan. He and Nicholas are a lot alike. Both of them are quiet and well-behaved.”

As I looked upon this little blonde-haired boy, I couldn’t help myself from smiling. I did want to know who Nick was playing with, truthfully. I enjoy hearing about Nick’s day. So I thanked them for letting me know, although I did emphasize that although I realize I shouldn’t have taken what Nick said and worried too much about it, I was just afraid that, since I’ve chosen his friends for him his whole life up to this point, Nicholas wasn’t going out of his way to make friends. I told them that I know they probably think it weird of me to worry, but since this is our first experience where he leaves me all day, I just can’t help it. Mrs. S reassured me that she herself would want to know these things, and she didn’t think I was weird at all. Even Mrs. R was there telling me that it was normal.

Then Mrs. R took me aside and told me that during recess, two boys from her class, including my son, and two boys from another class got into a mulch-throwing war under the slides. When she noticed this, she ran over to them and asked them to stop throwing mulch, saying that it was inappropriate. She said that Nick and the other boy from her class stopped right away but that the other boys did not. So she said, “No, no” again, and then she looked down at Nick and noticed he had tears in his eyes.

So she says to him, “Oh, no, honey. You’re not in trouble. You stopped when I asked you to and that is the right thing to do. You listened to me and did a good thing.”

He looked up at her and said, “But there’s dirt in my eyes.”

Classic Nicholas.

But she was still worried that perhaps Nicholas had his feelings hurt by her scolding, so she said to me, “I just didn’t want him to go home and say, ‘Someone was mean to me,’ without you knowing what had happened.”

Poor Mrs. R that she has to now worry about me freaking out about every little thing. HA. Seriously though, she was probably worried that Nicholas would tell me he got in trouble or that Mrs. R was mean to him and that I would in turn be a nervous wreck about sending him back to school come Tuesday. Or maybe they do that for all the parents.

I really love his teachers though. I always leave there feeling so good that I chose that school for Nick, though I may not always be as happy about it when I’m writing out the check.

And I hope he does get in trouble for throwing mulch. I hate that I have to yell at him about that practically everytime we go to the playground. Maybe if I have his teachers helping me tell him that throwing mulch is not cool, he’ll eventually get it and we will no longer have to worry about that.


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