Posted by: angelnorman | September 23, 2008

And on a much cuter note

Nicholas is learning the Pledge of Allegiance in school. He wouldn’t do it without me prompting him to, but eventually we got through it. And I may have only laughed at him once. Okay, twice.

Me: I pledge…
Nick: Ay-gence.
Me: Allegiance to the…
Nick: Flag!
Me: Of the United States of…
Nick: Merrick.
Me: America, and to the…
Nick: Publix.
Me: Publix? (*snicker*) It’s Republic. And to the Republic for which it stands…
Nick: Under God!
Me: One nation, under God,….
Nick: Invisible!
Me: Indivisible, with liberty…
Nick: And justice for all!

It is so cute to hear him say it. It is NOT cute to have an argument about how I AM holding my right hand on my heart and I’m sorry if he thinks it’s my left hand, but it’s not and he doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about. I am the grown-up after all, I’m the one who said the pledge of allegiance everyday for a million years with the right hand over my heart (both the physical right hand and the correct hand in this case), so he can put that in his bubble pipe and blow it.

And here’s you a pic of us at Kenny’s surprise party yesterday. Nick and I sure are shiny.




  2. Oh’ s SHINY…Um…did I just spell it like Hiney? hmm.

  3. “put that in his bubble pipe and blow it.”
    you are gifted with words my dear, gifted.

  4. Gotta love the random arguments these kids start huh? I have to just say “whatever” in my mind and remind myself that they can’t really help themselves. I vividly remember arguing until the cows came home when I was a kid too.

  5. Jen: Hiney happy people works too. HINEYS!

    Ems: Why thank you.

    Mandy: Yes indeedy, I probably did the same thing. I’ve resorted to making the same facial expressions he does and using the same tone he is using– it usually makes him laugh and he forgets what he was so worked up about in the first place.

  6. just read this, i missed a few posts in Sept. obviously (sp). anyway too cute! it reminds me of the argument I’ve been in the with Abby about closing your eyes to pray at dinner, she thinks it’s a big no no! and makes us start all over if Me or Scott closes our eyes! kids, they think they know everything! 🙂

  7. LOL, that’s funny. Nick refuses to close his eyes for praying, too, but he allows me to close mine 🙂 I think it’s hilarious what kids get in their heads about what the proper way to do something is.

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